How to Create a Good Hiring Ad


Writing a good hiring ad makes the entire process of recruitment that much easier. A well thought out ad will attract the right kind of people for the job you are listing and will save you the trouble of having to sift through endless resumes from unsuitable individuals. Writing an effective ad is not as simple or straightforward as many people think, but as long as you keep some simple tips in mind, you should have no trouble in producing an excellent recruitment ad.

Think About the Job Title

No one is going to want to apply for a role which doesn’t sound enjoyable. Of course, you can’t lie about what the job is, and if you inflate its importance then candidates will soon realize and turn away, However, you should make sure that your listing includes the job title as well as an indication of seniority, for example, whether the position is a junior or senior one.

Use an Emotive Introduction

This should take the form of a single paragraph at the beginning of the listing, which offers the key details that candidates will want to know. Using emotive language will keep the reader’s attention and make them more likely to remember the information.

Tell Them About Your Company

Applicants will want to know as much as possible about your company before they apply to work for you. They will want to know the usual kind of statistics, such as how many employees there are, how long you have been trading, and what your turnover is like, in other words, how long most employees remain with the company. Alongside this information, however, you should also give them a bit of background on the ethos that underpins your business. If your business has received any kind of recognition, such as industry awards, then include these too.

Sell The Position

Make sure that, alongside the relevant statistics and numbers, you also explain why applicants should want to apply for the position that you are advertising. You should also make sure to include all information regarding salary, work hours, benefits, and any opportunities which will be open to successful applicants. Check out this listing from for an example of the kind of information that you should include.

Sell The Location

Relocating for a new job is a big decision in anyone’s book. If you limit yourselves only to applicants who already live within commuting distance of your business, then you will be massively reducing the pool of potential applicants. Instead, you should make sure that your hiring ad really sells the location where successful applicants will be living and working. Make sure to include details which would be relevant to those with families, such as the state of local schools, public amenities, and other areas of interest which are within reach.

Putting together a successful hiring ad is essential to draw in the right candidates for the job you are advertising. Always put yourself in the shoes of a potential applicant who is reading your ad and ask yourself what information you would want to be included.


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