How To Create Your Restaurant Website With No Programming Knowledge


A lot of restaurant owners are misguided in considering a website something unnecessary or extremely expensive for their business. In the 21st century, all industries try to integrate their market into a digital space. Online platforms, websites, blogs are no more just a pleasant addition to your business. In order to become a successful entrepreneur, you have to keep with the time. For now, it is everything about online marketing and Internet promotion.

Another huge mistake is considering a website building something too difficult and expensive to do it by yourself. Today, you don’t have to be a programming wizard to create your own site.There are a lot of options you can use to start a free online platform under 60 minutes only. For example, there are website builders that offer free templates, customization tools, and unlimited forms for any web page. The best one is that offers a lot of restaurant website templates, commission-free online ordering system, reservations, a menu creator and more. So, anyone can easily build his/her own restaurant platform as quickly as possible.

And now, let’s look closer what it actually takes to create a restaurant platform in practice. What should you pay attention to?

How to Make a Free Restaurant Website by Yourself

Remember, no technical or coding experience is needed to use the following recommendations in practice. Just download the template and start working on your own restaurant website right away.

  • Templates+Style. Always choose a template accordingly to the type of your restaurant. For example, if it is a bistro, pick a template for a bistro, if it is a coffee house, pick one for a coffee house, etc. Always correspond the template to the style of your restaurant to get the most out of it. Don’t worry if you don’t like a concrete template in some of its aspects. You can always customize it to your taste.
  • When it comes to editing and modifying a template, don’t overload it. Don’t combine already existing images in the template with your own. Delete every presented information and insert your real data, including the photographs. Play with the customization tools – drag and drop, add different effects, make the font smaller or bigger, etc. Make a website as unique as possible. Make it stand out by its personal style.
  • Prepare qualitative images of your place in advance to upload them later. It should be HD pictures of your menu, restaurant, food, which reflect the atmosphere of your eating place. If it is an expensive and chic place, the picture should fully reflect it. The same is with hipster cafes, coffee shops, Mexican restaurants, etc.


  • Contact and location info. Don’t make the customers search for the contact information on your website. Make it something that stands out immediately. Easy navigation is a crucial element of every website. Add as much contact info as possible – address, email, phone number, an interactive map, etc. Add a review fields, so the customers will be able to leave the feedback. Direct communication with the customers positively affects the image of your restaurant.

So, pick an appropriate design and build out an effective and original website for your restaurant by yourself.



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