How Your Customers Can Become Your Best Salespeople


Many businesses don’t fully appreciate how important their customers are. Every company needs customers so that it can make money, but customers can also become your best salespeople. Below are some of the most effective ways you can turn satisfied customers into your best salespeople.

Ask Customers to Give You Testimonials

Customer testimonials are one of the most powerful ways to gain the trust of other potential customers and shoppers. However, many businesses don’t use this simple strategy and lose a lot of sales as a result.

Every time you deal with a satisfied customer, ask them if they will give a brief account of their experience dealing with your business. Most people are happy to do this and the more positive testimonials you accumulate, the more your business will be respected by new and potential customers. Video and text testimonials are the most effective methods of publishing this type of information and testimonials break down many of the trust issues that exist when people deal with an organization online.

Reward Customers Who Spread the Word About Your Business, Products and Services

In most cases, you have to give your customers some kind of reward for referring your business, products and services to other people. Setting up and maintaining referral program software for customers is an effective way to do this. In some instances, you could give your existing customers a commission every time they generate a new sale for you by recommending your business to other people.

Ask Your Customers to Provide Case Studies

If you want your customers to provide even more social proof, asking them to provide case studies of their experiences using your products and services will achieve this goal. Each case study provided must be relevant to your business and represent your company in the best possible light.

Promote Interaction on Your Social Media Profiles

A large number of companies have a social media presence but don’t use these technologies as effectively as they could. The like, share and retweet functions on social media websites are not used and promoted as much as they could be by modern businesses. Make sure you ask your friends and followers to carry out these actions every time you publish content on any of your social media profiles or pages.

Brand All of Your Content

When customers are spreading the message about your business, make sure all of your content is branded. For instance, if you create image ads, each of these ads should feature your logo, website address and any other contact information you think is necessary. This simple step could give your business a huge amount of exposure and make many people aware of your company.

Hold Competitions

Competitions are an extremely effective way to generate interest in a business. It’s often your existing customers who get the ball rolling by taking part in competitions and then they tell their friends and family members. If you plan your competitions properly, this type of promotion can quickly gather momentum and you could end up engaging with a lot of new customers.

Find Out What Your Customers Really Think About Your Business

You may be losing customers and referrals and not understand why this is happening. This is why you should consider introducing systems and practices that record your customers’ experiences. The results may shock you, but knowing what your customers really think will also allow you to make the appropriate changes in your business so that the same issues do not keep occurring.

Keep Your Current and Previous Customers Happy

It’s vital to treat your current and previous customers like royalty. These are the people who can enhance or damage your business’s reputation. When someone has bought from you already, try to build up some kind of positive relationship with them.

You can easily do this by communicating with these people through email, social media, blogs and forums and let them know about special offers, give advice and be of assistance to them This proves to paying customers that you are willing to go the extra mile and increases the likelihood that they will tell other people about this experience dealing with you.

As you can see, there are many good reasons why you should take special care of your customers. They are often the people who can make or break a business. Once you keep providing high quality products and services, they will be more likely to tell others about your business and become your most effective salespeople.


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