CvI Receives NATO $14M Contract to Deliver C-130 Aircraft Maintenance Stands


(Rendering | Courtesy of Cv International)

Cv International (CvI) announced the release of engineering, design and manufacturing efforts for C-130 Aircraft Maintenance Stands in support of depot level maintenance at Robins AFB, Georgia. The stands are designed to support scheduled and advanced depot level aircraft maintenance. The eight-stand sets feature fully integrated electrical power, compressor air lines and unique air circulating system to allow maintenance to be performed safely, reducing the turnaround time for aircraft needing service and protecting the aircraft from potential damage. The $14 million contract will increase fabrication and welding jobs at Cv International’s Bend manufacturing facility.

CvI’s Advanced Aircraft Maintenance Stands (AAMS) series stands have a long history of exceptional productivity and safety performance in both military and civilian operations, dating back to the Boeing 707 and F-16. By incorporating feedback from aircraft mechanics, safety experts and the major air carriers, they have designed stands supporting Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin and Sikorsky aircraft. CvI stands protect both the technician’s safety and the aircraft from damage or lost time. “Integrating our utility manifold systems and modular work stand design enhances worker safety, streamlines the maintenance process, and shortens aircraft turn-around time, thus reducing costs,” said Alan O’Shea, CvI executive vice president.

The AAMS series of products are designed to meet or exceed ANSI and OSHA standards. CvI incorporates a unique aluminum and steel fabrication approach enhancing a modular, lightweight, ergonomically advanced, yet durable and sturdy maintenance platforms. AAMS platforms have increased aircraft maintenance crew efficiencies by over 20 percent.

The AAMS (Advanced Aircraft Maintenance Stands) leverage CvI’s background in supplying innovative maintenance stands, ground support equipment and nitrogen generation systems to the aviation and energy sectors.


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