Dave Conklin Explains the Best Ways for Businesses to Manage their Site Analytics


You need to know exactly what your site is doing and what your potential customers are doing on your site. It’s not always easy to make this happen because there are so many things you need to look at.

Dave Conklin of Conklin Media knows how many awesome stats there are to look at when it comes to analyzing your digital business. His work as a marketing guru involves helping his clients achieve huge growth rates online.

But how should you go about managing your site’s analytics? Dave is about to release the tricks of the trade.

Why Should You Use Site Analytics?

Dave explains that a site’s analytics is like getting inside the minds of your target market. You’ll be able to go beyond mere traffic numbers and find out which pages people are visiting, how long they’re spending there, and what they’re doing when they’re on the page.

This sort of information is powerful. It’s what Dave does on the home URL of his business, https://conklinmedia.com/, so he can provide the best possible experience to his clients.

How Can You Use these Numbers?

The number one problem businesses have is they don’t know how to use the numbers they’re getting.

For example, if your bounce rates are high what could that possibly mean? It could either mean your page isn’t loading quickly enough or you’re not targeting the right audience.

But bounce rate doesn’t always have to be bad. In one case study, a blogger’s Facebook post had a 91% bounce rate. It sounds bad, but the nature of a social media post is different. It’s designed to be read quickly and then the person moves on.

This is just one of many examples of how these numbers can be interpreted. How you interpret them depends on the goals of your business.

Which Management Software Should You Use?

Google Analytics is the primary piece of software you should be using. This will tell you everything you need to know about your website, and it’s free to use.

But it’s not going to cover everything. This is a free piece of software, after all.

Dave recommends you go further than Google Analytics, though. There are so many other options on the market that can help you to go further with site analytics.

Some of his recommendations include Adobe Analytics, Angelfish Actual Metrics, and Awstats.

The advantage of using these three alternative options is that they all go further than Google Analytics can. Dave explains that they’re easy to use. If you can use Google Analytics you can also use these.

Last Word – Have a Plan for Moving Forward

It’s easy for businesses to find themselves drowning in numbers. What matters is not how many numbers you have but how you act on them.

Dave always ensures that his clients have a comprehensive plan for how they can boost their numbers and achieve their goals. When you act on these figures you’ll soon discover better results and superior returns on your SEO.

Do you have a plan in place for improving your website’s content and SEO?


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