Davinci IQ Vaporizer Review – Is It Still Worth Buying?


We’re going to start at the end and work our way backwards. So then, the answer to our question is a resounding ‘YES!’ But why, exactly, can we make such a bold claim? This claim, of course, is that the Davinci IQ isn’t still just worth buying, but is among the best vapes in the market – now, then, and in the future.

How does the Davinci IQ measure up to newer, excellent quality vapes, like the Arizer Air, or the Firefly 2+? What features continue to make it so popular that it has effectively reached the dizzying heights of cult status?

Let’s get to know the little guy before we jump in, shall we?

  • Size: 3.54 x 1.65 x 0.94 inches / 9 x 4.2 x 2.4 cm
  • Weight: 142g ( = 5 oz / 0.32 pounds)
  • Battery-Life: 50 minutes or 5-6 sessions
  • Heating System: Conduction
  • Draw-Resistance: Medium
  • Bowl-Capacity: 0.4 grams
  • Heat-Up Time: 30 seconds
  • Materials Outer Shell: Anodized aluminium
  • Materials Vapor Path: Zirconia ceramic, medical-grade silicone
  • Materials Heating Element: Zirconia ceramic
  • Materials Outside: Anodized aluminium
  • Material Inside: Zirconia ceramic, medical-grade silicone
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • External Charger: There is also an optional external charger for the removable 18650 battery which halves the charge time of the included micro USB cable

Released in 2016, the Davinci IQ is actually the third vaporizer to come from Davinci, with their first unit known simply as the ‘DaVinci Vaporizer’ released in 2012, and their second, called ‘Ascent,’ released just one year later. Davinci defines the idea of rapid evolution, and the IQ is the product of all their hard work, learning curves, and design innovation.

If you’re thinking about buying a vape and figure the newest model will be the best, let me tell you exactly how sorely mistaken you are by crafting a comprehensive list, in no particular order, of all the features that continue to make the IQ stand out:


I’m going to start with design because, at the end of the day, the Davinci IQ is just amazingly nice to look at and an absolute delight to use. It hasn’t aged a day in terms of design, and still looks more sleek and understated than many newer models. This simple and timeless design is punctuated by fifty one LED lights on the front of the device, that light up in several different patterns that don’t just look amazing, but also convey information to the user, like battery charge and temperature optimization.

And, although small (like, super small – just look at the specs above) and sleek, the design of the IQ is sturdy and durable, and gives the user a comforting feeling of solidity. This durability allows for all kinds of fun extras that more frail vapes couldn’t necessarily handle, like water pipe attachments for a super cool vaping experience. The solidity also means that the IQ is nicely insulated, not allowing for the outside of the device to heat up to uncomfortable temperatures.

One of the most innovative features of the IQ is what designers call the ‘pearl’, which helps to pack herbs nicely into the chamber, but also serves a much more intelligent purpose. The pearl’s shape, size, and placement within the device ensures that the applied heat remains constant around the material you’re vaping, so that nothing gets burnt, nothing gets wasted.

The ‘flavour chamber’ is also a simple yet very clever design feature. It’s housed away from the oven or heating element and sits on top of where the vapour is produced. This not only keeps temperatures comfortably cool for both the baking herb and user – but also locks in flavour.

Oven Size Options

This might seem like an auxiliary feature, but it’s one of the little touches that really makes this vape stand out. The user of the IQ is able to choose from three different oven sizes, because at Davinci, they know that one size definitely doesn’t fit all. I think, maybe more than most other great features, this really demonstrates that Davinci is absolutely aware of the consumers behind the vapes. The oven sizes include:

  • The full oven without any spacers
  • A roughly half-sized oven with the smaller 6MM glass spacer
  • And the smallest oven size when using the larger 10MM glass spacer

The spacers are a great accessory because they make efficient use of the oven, and also your material. No waste, just a perfectly personalized session and amount of material. It’s a deceptively simple innovation, but it speaks volumes about this brand as a whole.

Tactile and Easy to Operate

Of course, we would very highly recommend looking over the user manual for absolute best practices and usage guidelines, but the IQ is almost intuitively easy to use… making any user feel like they have a higher than average IQ! I’m not even sorry.

The IQ has three buttons on its face, giving it a nice feeling of tactility. The buttons control the power and the temperature selections. By pressing them in certain combinations the user can activate additional modes manually, without the need for the smartphone app (but don’t worry, it’s there if you would like to use it!).

But the normal usage of the device could not be easier. Simply open the lid of your IQ unit from the bottom. This will expose the chamber. Then gently load fine ground dry herb into the chamber with the aid of the supply oven tool, pushing in the herbs so as to achieve a tightly packed oven before closing the lid again. At this stage, click the control button located at the side of the device 5 times to power up the vaporizer smart path (trust me, we’ll get to this below!).

Build Quality = Vapor Quality

It’s important to mention that the IQ is designed to be the best possible dry herb vape out there, so with this in mind, it was designed and constructed with this sole purpose in mind. This is code for don’t try this vape with concentrates.

The IQ features 360 conduction/convection heating, allowing for material to cook evenly without waste, and also helps to prevent the uneven heating sometimes experienced in conduction vaporizers. The zirconia elements also keep the vapor pure, ensuring that nothing affects the flavor and quality. As mentioned, the build is impeccable, solid, and secure feeling. The vapor path and mouthpiece is made from 100% Zirconia, a highly heat resistant material that helps to prevent vapor from getting too hot before it reaches your mouth. The pearl that was mentioned above is also made from Zirconia, which helps again to keep vapor quality at its absolute purest.

Everything about the build of the IQ practically screams vapor quality. The conduction/convection heating, the Zirconia mouthpiece and pearl, and the fact that its singular objective is to function not as a multitasker, but as a perfectionist with one goal and one goal only – to provide the most delicious, best quality vapor imaginable without compromise.

Beyond this, the IQ features a removable 18650 battery, micro-USB charging port, excellent battery life (70 mins of usage at 375°F from full charge), and is very easy to load (smooth, funneled loading zone). Davinci have taken all the guesswork out of creating the best possible vaping experience, and it shows with their keen attention to these kinds of details.

Smartphone App

The IQ’s app is specifically genius because, unlike other apps, it’s actually super easy to use and has a wide range of excellent options. Want to adjust the brightness of the LED lights on the device? The app can do that! Want to adjust the temperature range of 230°F to 430°F? The app can do that too! But, arguably the most significant feature is the Smart Path mode:

Smart Path mode gradually increases the temperature by 20 degrees as the user vapes. There is a choice of four preset Smart Paths, but of course you can also customize your own and save it for future use. Doing so is very simple, of course, and is a great option for anyone who likes to adjust the temperature as they vape.

The preset smart paths are as follows:

  • Smart Path 1: 350°F – 370°F
  • Smart Path 2: 370°F – 390°F
  • Smart Path 3: 390°F – 410°F
  • Smart Path 4: 410°F – 430°F

Each path is designed to activate various terpenes in your dry herb to give users a full-spectrum vaping experience. But even beyond this, the Davinci IQ features not one but three modes: Smart Path, Precision, and Boost. The Precision mode allows the user to set an exact baking temperature between 250-430F, and Boost, when activated, heats up the oven temperature quickly to the highest temperature setting to add extra power to your session.

So, in conclusion, the davinci IQ is well worth consideration today just as it was three years ago.

Its durable build and sleek design, incredible performance, app integration, and ceramic zirconia make it absolutely timeless, like a Chanel bag or Tiffany diamond. We’re not saying we’re biased or anything – this vape proves time and time again why exactly we won’t soon forget about it, and given the chance it’ll prove this to you too, we’re sure!


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