Decorating Tips That Will Make Customers Want to Buy More in Your Store


There are endless ways to decorate your store. It can even be a lot of fun! Unfortunately, most business owners don’t really think about the reasons behind decorating their store.

Many people decorate their store knowing that it should look good, but the very best designs are the ones that actually make people want to buy more when they step foot into your store.

Is your store designed with customer habits in mind? If not, follow these tips and you’re sure to see an increase in sales.

Choose the Right Banners

First, you should make sure you’re utilizing your indoor and outdoor spaces to their full potential. That means using the right business signs.

If you haven’t spent a lot of time looking into signs and banners, you’ll be surprised to discover that you have many different options. Just a few include:

  • Fabric banners are great for grand openings
  • Mesh banners can be used in many different ways outdoors
  • Hanging banners can be used to utilize ceiling space
  • Backdrop displays are perfect for behind the checkout counter
  • Feather flags can display sales outside your store

No matter what kind of signs you decide to use, it is important that you design them properly. Include your business name, logo, and any other relevant information. Working with a professional designer will ensure you create effective signage.

Be Bold with Color

It’s true that white, gray, and cream retail spaces can look clean and modern, but they aren’t very interesting. No matter how beautiful, if your retail space isn’t interesting, your shoppers aren’t likely to remember it.

Colors can influence shoppers in a number of ways. For example, burnt orange can create a cozy and warm environment that’s perfect for a cabin-style retail space. Greens and blues are perfect for a small beach-side shop.

You should also think about other retailers that are in the area, especially if they are located right next door. Avoid using the same colors they’re using. Instead, create a contrasting display. For example, if they are using a lot of bright colors, consider using subdued jewel tones to stand apart.

Let in the Light

Light is a hugely important design element, especially if you want to boost sales. However, it’s also the one element that is often overlooked.

Think about how the lighting inside a jewelry store is different than the lighting inside a trendy brewery. Effective retail spaces utilize the right lighting to their advantage.

A few lighting tips to consider include:

  • Choosing the right lighting figures
  • Choosing the right temperature to set the mood
  • Using ambient, accent, and high-activity lighting

Think about the mood you want to set in your store, and what customers will be doing. For example, a makeup and accessories store will need to use bright lighting, while a cozy home interiors store can use warmer bulbs.

Group the Right Products

Creating attractive displays in the window is extremely important, but you should also be using attractive displays throughout your store.

That means grouping the right products. Unfortunately, many small businesses get it wrong. Grouping like items with like items is a surprisingly ineffective way to sell more merchandise.

Instead, you should focus on grouping similar, yet different items. For example, instead of hanging all of your shirts together on the same wrack, create a display that combines those shirts with matching pants and shoes.

Create a Hotspot

The retail hotspot is a surprisingly underutilized concept, but it can be hugely successful if done properly.

The hotspot in your store is simply the area of your shop where people spend the most time. If you aren’t sure where your hotspot is located, watch your customer’s habits for an afternoon and you’ll quickly discover where they spend the most time.

Once you’ve discovered the area where they spend the most time, use it to your advantage. Display discounted merchandise there to get rid of it faster, or tie it into a neighboring display to draw customers into other areas of your store.

Don’t think a hotspot has to be a big space on the wall! It may be a single shelf on an endcap that gets the hotspot star treatment.

Decorating isn’t just for fun in a retail space. It has a purpose, and that purpose is to sell more product! With these tips, you will undoubtedly create a more beautiful space, but you’ll also create one where people are encouraged to spend more money.


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