Why a Digital Manager is Key to Scale Up Your Content Marketing Strategy?


Digital Marketing companies need to maintain their collection of assets in a well organized manner. That way they can avoid unwanted struggles which pertains to managing their digital assets.

Allowing access to the files is a critical thing, In a similar manner, Not everyone deserves access to the complete contents. Reasons can differ to restrict or allow access to a select set of files. But end of the day, securing the unethical usage of the digital assets matters a lot. After all, each of the file came with a cost. Keeping it safe, using it for several projects, and sometimes selling the created content brings profit to the organization.

A Digital Asset Manager DAM’ is the most versatile and unique solution for a marketing team. Several of the practices in DAM help a digital marketing company to maintain Cyber regulations and to avoid Copyright Contraventions. Not only that, dam software comes handy when there is a stringent requirement to pull out a very old content or an image. Also, it helps in keep the resources available for each and everyone of the team with various level of access.

Storage & Space Management

Digital asset management ensures the storage, which is the basic and foremost feature. In the process of storing files, it also helps in eliminating the duplication. As a result, it becomes easier to manage the server space effectively. Also, the easiest overview helps in pulling out the required files when needed.

Large files like videos, photos, animations, GIF images, PDF files, and Photoshop files are the ones that occupy the maximum storage space, duplication in these file types will drastically occupy the storage. Since, these files are often edited and used in different projects, identifying the duplication becomes tough without DAM.

Storage & Space management is the key to take control of your Marketing assets which are hosted in various servers. Each and every content or a graphic image is a valuable asset to a marketing company that is based on digitization. Rights to those assets and content needs to be protected and managed well.

DAM offers the most comfortable ways to tag the Metadata than any other platform. Thus, you can store the copyright information for each file. As a result, the rights for the stored files are protected against unethical usage.

Access to the Assets & File Sharing

While choosing a good digital asset manager, there are few things that need to be considered. The work flow speeds up when there is a proper method to provide access to the employees and clients. When a DAM is integrated with your marketing platform, the access to the files and folders become restricted for unauthorized users yet easy for the team members and clients.

At the same time, the file categories, names and size can be used to create various groups, access to that particular files can be given to the select set of people. Analytical filtering capabilities are way better in a DAM solutions, thus accessing a file quickly becomes easy. Faster access and easy to use search tools means, increased productivity and increased profit. By the way, this process helps in maintaining the quality at all the times.

Collaboration tools

DAM provides a comfortable set of tools to upload assets, also it allows to sync, and grant access to assets. it can be used to reviews and authorized before hitting the web. That way, it becomes more streamlined and easy to categorize the files along with metadata.

Granting access to clients and team members also becomes very easy in this process. Team members will feel more connected with such setups and the overall process time decreases.

Brand Authorized Contents

Marketing tools can be connected to DAM to get the access to pictures, graphics and content within brand guidelines. Approved contents should be kept at easy reach of the team members. As a result, they can create engaging contents using copyright protected content and images. Thus, utilizing non-authorized contents are totally avoided and also the copyright Infringements.

CMS tools can be embedded with DAM, thus it offers a wide range of resource to create quality copyright proof content. It also save time by avoiding working on many windows at the same time.

Content Creation and Essay Writing

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Conclusion: Digital business becomes tough to handle when there is no proper process to streamline the access control and distribution of content. DAM is the one stop solution for all those obstacles that stops the efficiency of your Marketing Campaigns. DAM plays the vital role of improving the connectivity and accessibility of the digital assets in a secured way.


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