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If you’re interested in turning clean energy into cash flows, then the Go Clean Energy conference is the place to go. Roger Worthington of Worthy Garden Club states, “Businesses can make money AND do the right thing for the community.” The conference will feature multiple panels to show participants how they can get in the game; whether it’s as a business, an individual or as a city or county entity. The full day, indoor-outdoor event will be held at Hollingshead Park in Bend. Sponsors will offer guidance while experts provide the latest information about how to develop and finance solar projects, strategically plan energy efficiency and energy management, turn waste into dollars, fund your project or grow your business with strategic moves in corporate social responsibility.

The clean energy transition is well underway. The conference will inform participants how to plug-in to the just transition, regardless of their income level. “The benefits coming from the transition to clean energy need to be accessible to everyone,” says Scot Davidson, board member from 350Deschutes, the local nonprofit that is developing the conference. “New developments in policy and technology can make this a reality.”

The new Oregon Community Solar program will be discussed, as well as cash rebates, which requires participation from low to moderate income individuals. Owners of multifamily property could also cash in on this program, as they are expected to be the first industry sector to benefit. This will enable owners to improve their property and increase its value and desirability while receiving financial assistance and tax credits.

Partnerships boost results too. Many current and future opportunities will encourage businesses, individuals and governments to work together both in planning and as partners. A facilitated session at the conference will engage the wider group in exploring what they see as important options and how they can participate. This will include a more detailed look at the issues facing Central Oregon, in topics yet to be determined, but may include solarizing, waste and materials management and/or water as related to energy use.

Other panel members are Deschutes Brewery and Sunriver Brewing Company to discuss how they are saving money by addressing waste and sustainability within their own businesses. Food service businesses will discover multiple ways to save money and improve customer satisfaction through energy and waste management. The Cannabis industry will also be a featured group, with panel members addressing concerns of interest. ColeBreit Engineering, a leader in Cannabis facility development, will share their experience along with other industry leaders.

350Deschutes is expecting a crowd, as was the case with their first conference in 2016. Take advantage of the Early Bird Discount and register at


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