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With our ever-shifting economy, it’s hard to recognise where the most fruitful start-up opportunities will lie in 2019 and beyond. Yet, one industry which continues to boom is the online gambling industry. In spite of the new regulations and restrictions which are cropping up, the site traffic on popular online casinos is heavier than ever. New players are constantly turning their attention to online casinos – this even includes console gamers who have been drawn in by the progressive and visually stunning gaming experiences now offered by online casinos. Yet, it is mainstream advertising campaigns which have helped to improve the visibility of the online casinos.  In 2007 the gambling industry was deregulated, and the gambling casinos didn’t hang around in investing their money into marketing campaigns. Ofcom reported that just a year after the deregulation 1.39 million gambling adverts were ran. The ads showed online casinos sites in a way they had never been perceived before.

Alongside the advertising campaigns and graphics, there is a myriad of reasons as to why the online gambling market has become a huge global industry. The improvement in technology, the low stakes, the opportunities for jackpot payouts which can reach the millions – the list is endless. So, for anyone looking to take advantage of the current booming market which is showing no signs of slowing down, now is a better time than any to dip your toe in the online casino waters.

Online slots are now the flagship games or many online casinos. With hundreds of new gaming companies popping up each year, the competition may be tough, yet, the same can be said for most high-functioning industries with a high profit turnover.

How to Get your Own Start-Up Company Up and Running

In recent years, it has become easier than ever to start your own gambling company or casino – or simply just to learn the skills which will enable you to become a game developer or tester. Previously, it took endless funds and an influential standing in society to have a shot at becoming a land-based casino. But as we’ve seen with every industry from the retail industry to the music industry the technology and opportunities are now accessible to more and more people.

In comparison to land-based casinos, virtual gaming companies can be set up at a fairly minimal cost and within relatively short periods of time. That’s not to say that it’s easy to make it as an online casino. Yet given that the online gambling market is set to double to 74 billion dollars by 2023, there’s plenty of revenue from the market to go around for everyone – even those who are only just establishing themselves in 2018 or 2019.

Given that online slots have become much more popular than other traditional casino games such as poker, blackjack and roulette – your best bet is to stake your money in online slots. Even though there are thousands of uniquely-themed virtual machines online today, players are constantly looking to jump on the latest trends. Players respond well to slot games which reflect the times through popular culture. With popular online slots now including film-themed slots, TV-themed slots, video game-themed slots and plenty more culturally relevant slots, there will always be new trends to jump on at slot sites such as RoseSlots.com

Online slots can either be designed by an online casino or purchased from a game’s developer. There are plenty of game developers willing to sell their games to new online casinos for use. Once the online slot has been purchased or designed it can be used for as long as you want to run the slot. No maintenance will be required and the whole casino can be up and running online with no need for a physical location. Many entrepreneurs are surprised at how easy setting up their own online casino and getting their own slice of the profits can be. Yet, to ensure that online casinos are playing a fair game, there are plenty of regulations which you must prove to adhere to before your casino is allowed to go live. As long as you’re playing by the rules and protecting your player’s information the process should be fairly smooth sailing.

Regulations vary in every company, in the UK the regulations are slightly stricter and casino owners can face hefty fines for even the most minor breaches. A significant amount of time will need to be spent ensuring that your start-up company is compliant to guidelines and legislation from day one.

Once compliance procedures have been passed, it’s time to design and populate the site with games. Remember that the most popular games are themed and will appeal to a certain niche or audience. Along with the film and TV slots, there are slots to appeal to music fans, football fans, or those who like to explore different themes and cultures. Native American-themed slots and Irish-themed slots remain ever popular.

Game and web development prices are fairly high right now, but as there are more and more developers entering the field, naturally the market will become more competitive for start-up owners looking for those with the ability to create complex systems. Those looking to start their own casino will want to ensure that their games are hooked up to digital banking and e-commerce seamlessly to attract heavy volumes of customers. But not all games need to be developed from scratch. Some games designers will be willing to modify existing games to adhere to new themes.

The development may be the expensive part and ensuring that your functional website is legal may be tricky, yet the most challenging aspect of online casino start-up’s is ensuring that your customers come back time and time again. This will fall down to several key factors such as how seamless the gameplay is, the look and feel of the gaming experience, and the repay value. Each online slot machine has its own RTP (return to player) rate which should be clearly stated on your website to allow your players to see what they can expect in terms of pay outs.



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