What To Expect from A Solutions Architect?


If you’re familiar with cloud computing and network infrastructure, then chances are you’ve experienced a connection issue or a digital storage concern in the past. If you haven’t, you might not be aware that someone is making sure that your user interface is seamless and trouble-free. In this article, we will introduce you to a professional known as a solutions architect and some pertinent things that you can expect from this person.

What is a Solutions Architect?

Despite the convenience of online services such as the internet and the cloud, not everything will run smoothly on the first go. If you’re a company executive regardless of the size of your business, integrating your traditional processes with modern computing infrastructure – say, moving to the cloud – may be a pain in the butt.

This is where the solutions architect shines the best. This person designs and plans solutions for technology-based concerns. Whenever a company decides to integrate a computer system, network infrastructure, or cloud computing in its existing flow, the solutions architect devises the exact details to make sure that the resulting enterprise solution fits neatly into the business.

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Things to Expect from a Solutions Architect

Due to the nature and importance of the role, solutions architects have a lot of things riding on them. As a result, they should be able to deliver on several expectations, some of which include the following:

Technical Expertise

A solutions architect should have a solid technical background to whip up a tangible tech solution to a process or business need. Similar to the level of expertise that building architects are expected to have before designing, solutions architects should hold an IT-related degree at the very least.

It also wouldn’t hurt if the solutions architect has loads of experience in handling systems and enterprise architecture. This person is also expected to have extensive background in software engineering, information technology, and cloud-based infrastructure.

Expert Communicator

How can you expect someone to solve a problem if he/she cannot explain the solution to the team properly? The same is true with solutions architects – they should have the ability to clearly convey the details of the proposed solution. This includes having to explain the technical requirements, potential risks, and resources needed.

Most solutions need the approval of the higher rung of executives in the company, and so the solutions architect should be able to influence them to say yes to the proposed solution.

In addition, most solutions require the involvement of employees for implementation. The architect should have a sufficient amount of people skills to not only influence people to movement but also earn their trust and confidence.

Risk Predictor

Aside from addressing concerns as they happen, the architect should have the skill to predict potential risks before they occur. This involves a lot of careful planning and evaluation of the existing system, looking into weak points, and offering ready solutions to these risk-prone areas. After all, prevention is better – and a lot cheaper – than cure.

Effective Resource Manager

Although some companies have much to spare in terms of future expenses, others are strapped for cash. The solutions architect should know the capacity of the business to pay for the infrastructure and technical needs before going all out in pushing for a particular solution.

Whatever level of expenditure a company is willing to shell out, the expert architect should still be able to turn the solution into reality. This includes looking for cost-effective ways to specific parts of the proposed architecture, prioritizing some areas over others in terms of expenses, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly according to the allotted time.

The next time you meet a solutions architect, give that person a pat on the back. Remember that you’re enjoying the smooth online transactions and processes at the office because of this professional.

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