Is Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation Really a Health Hazard?


In modern life, we are surrounded by electronic gadgets, almost, all the time. Even you are reading this post on your mobile or laptop. All electronic gadgets, like mobiles, laptops or tablets give off Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF), which is an invisible expanse of energy, related to the utilization of electrically powered devices. It is obvious, that we are surrounded and bordered 24/7 by electromagnetic radiation. Not only mobiles or laptops emit EMF, but even your microwave, TV & radio and even your fitness device, which you proudly wear on your wrist all day long, give off electromagnetic radiation.

Ill-Effects of Long-Term Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation

Following are the major dangers associated with long-term exposure to EMF. These make radiation protection necessary for everybody who is surrounded by electronic gadgets.

  • Cancer

The World Health Organization, in 2011, declared radiation emitted by cell phones as a 2B carcinogen. The term 2B associated with it means that it could possibly cause cancer in humans.

  • Affects Brain Function

It has been reported that electromagnetic radiation alters brain function by modifying the process of brain glucose metabolism which could cause inflammation in the brain.

  • Memory Loss

Long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation is attributed to be one of the major causes of memory loss in the later age of life.

How to Mitigate the Risks Involved in Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation?

If you are thinking to avoid EMF altogether, it is impossible in the current scenario. However, it is certainly possible to reduce the associated risks.

  • Increase the distance between you and your cell phones or laptops whenever possible

It is recommended that you avoid carrying your cell-phones in your pockets as it brings your body more close to the source of electromagnetic radiation. According to physics the intensity of radiation is inversely proportional to 1/distance squared. This means if you are 2 inches away from your device, you are exposed to 1/4th the amount of total electromagnetic radiation emitted. That’s why it is recommended to keep your cell phones as many inches away from you as possible. Moreover, get a mouse and a keyboard for your laptop so that your body is not close to the power source when working on a laptop for long hours.

  • Unplug devices when not in use

In your home, please remove all the electrical appliances from the sockets when not in use. Yes! This means turning off your Wi-Fi also. The element of time comes in this. The ill-effects of exposure to EMF take time to build up. Short exposures are relatively harmless. Hence, switch off your computer or laptop and keep your body away from it until you are not using it. If you, decidedly, have to work for longer hours; take sufficient breaks in between to reduce the level of exposure. Go out and have a walk in a park bare-footed so that the electrons in the ground reduce the voltage present in your body.

  • Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet and daily exercise is a mantra to heal your body from almost any kind of illness. Your body needs nutrients to function and to repair the cells. If you are diet is full of junk food; the EMF around you is possibly doing more harm to your body as your body is not having sufficient nutrients to repair the cells that get damaged by continuous exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Incorporate more of antioxidant foods like blueberries, walnuts, cinnamon, dates etc.


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