F*Cancer 2020 Designs are Here!


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Silver Moon Brewing says it is taking the F*Cancer program to new and exciting places: This year, our campaign is built around the question of “What does F* Mean to You?” For our nonprofit partners, it may mean “Fundraising.” For those battling cancer it may mean “Fight.” For those of us who hate the disease with all of our fiber, it may mean “F*ck.” 

We are honoring all the F*s that people relate to and resonate with. We are all in our own fight and have different outlooks on the way we approach life’s challenges. Regardless of our standpoint, we stand together. One group of craft beer-loving, community-supporting cancer haters.

Updates on Timeline and COVID-19

First and foremost, we hope that all of you are in good health and keeping positive attitudes regarding the recent spread of the coronavirus. That being said, we have some updates regarding the timeline for the release of the F*Cancer IPA and the program as a whole. 

There are many different tasks that must be completed before the F*Cancer program can go live. This includes the design and ordering of merchandise, brewing and distribution schedules, and campaigDITEDn creation for our different nonprofits. Because of the disruption to the current timeline, we will be pushing back the release of F*Cancer. 

The beer will still be released, the merch will still be available and the program will still be a huge success. However, the program will not begin until mid-summer. We will keep everyone involved with all updates regarding the progress of the campaign and the timeline moving forward.

Name Collections are Still Live!

We have pushed out our name collection deadline to April 12! That means there is still time to submit your loved ones’ names to appear on the 2020 label. This is a difficult time for everyone, including nonprofit organizations. Your donations from name submissions are crucial to operations during this time. You can use and share this link (mailchi.mp/silvermoonbrewing/fcancer-2020-name-submissions-are-now-live) to submit additional names for our 2020 label!

***Note: The names on the image above do not reflect the 2020 names that were submitted. They are names from last year as a placeholder.

Now is the time to come together and support one another through this difficult time. With small businesses and individuals across the country struggling to get by, we each have the power to help each other come out of this strong and collected. Stay positive, wash your hands and drink great beer. 

If you have any questions regarding F*Cancer you can reach out by emailing to info@silvermoonbrewing.com.



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