How to Find New Educational Opportunities


Education is one of life’s great pleasures, satisfying curious and inquisitive minds of all ages. It’s also a serious leg-up in terms of your employability, opening doors that might otherwise remain shut for the duration of your life. If you’re beyond the traditional ‘student’ age, you might have resigned yourself to a more laid-back educational journey – reading books in your leisure time, for instance. But that would be to neglect the myriad opportunities out there to gain new qualifications and practical knowledge that could prove life-changing. Below are listed just some of these opportunities.

Higher Education

Colleges and universities are not the preserves of the young – and plenty of ‘mature students’ are now attending courses across the US. They have the benefit of having saved some cash and gained some life skills before entering university, which means they’re far more likely to succeed in their studies. You’ll have to consider:

  • Whether you study full-time or part-time
  • If you can access a loan or scholarship
  • Which institution to study at, and whether you need to relocate
  • Which course will be most beneficial to you
  • How you can manage you degree alongside you family and financial obligations

But if everything checks out, higher education is a wonderful opportunity, no matter how old you are.

Go Online

Alternatively, you can take your courses online. This is becoming ever-more popular as digital technology becomes more integrated in everyday life. Top universities around the world have put together a series of MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses – many of which are free and all of which are sure to instruct you into the future. You’ll receive a formal qualification at the end of your course.

Alternatively, there are also courses you’ll take partly online and partly in person. One example of this are the online Nurse Practitioner programs in Florida which will naturally guide you towards a career in nursing, with the correct qualifications and experience necessary to get a job on completion of your studies.

Night Classes

Night classes offer lesser-respected qualifications, but they’re still well worth doing from a learning and knowledge development perspective. You’ll be able to work your 9-5 job with little disruption to your life while studying a new skill, whether that be cooking, a new language, or the basics in fields such as journalism, law or finance.


Finally, if you’re simply looking to brush up on your skills in a given subject – perhaps you have a workplace test coming up – you can enlist the services of a private tutor, who’ll be able to monitor your progress and give you individual tips to help you improve at a quicker pace.

Private tutors are also the best way to earn a new life skill that might not be all that important for your employability – like a language, a musical instrument, or digital design practices to help you create art from the comfort of your laptop. Search online in your area to find a tutor who serves your requirements.

Further education is more accessible now than ever before – so make sure you’re taking advantage of the opportunities around you, should you feel the need to supplement your brain with new and exciting knowledge.


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