How to Find a Safe Online Poker Site


So many write-ups and reviews have been written about online poker and casinos and their advantages over land casinos. And it does make sense to move from land based to online. However, for some who have been gambling in land casinos, it would be difficult to build that kind of trust in terms of money transactions and actually been paid your winnings. As in land casinos, all transactions happen hand to hand without any ambiguity.

It’s very clear that online poker sites have generous bonuses, VIP programs and a huge selection of every poker game available, making playing online a wise choice. It’s imperative that gamblers are made acquainted with the safety advantages with online casinos, removing any type of doubt related to financial transactions.

Not even the beginners but also the experienced players are cautious and sceptical about their financial transactions and their personal details being exposed online.

So, in order to retain, gain and build trust of the players all legitimate online casinos ensured that they operate with proper licenses issued by the regulatory authority.

Also, it’s mandatory by governments that online gambling be strickly regulated by the jurisdiction in which the license is obtained.

The gambling industry exists or even flourishes because of the trust of gamblers.

Is it easy to find out safe online poker site? The answer is yes.

Hence, here are the tips to find a safe online poker site with generous bonuses.

Let’s try and answer in the form of questions that comes in a gambler’s mind before choosing a safest online casino:

  • If it has clearly and prominently displaying their terms and services on their website in transparent manner.
  • Is the website is tested and certified by third party authorities.
  • Are money transactions clearly mentioned and are paid on a timely basis.
  • It has the ability to keep customers or the user’s data safe.

How to choose a poker site?

  • Today any casino can be called legitimate if they have acquired proper license by the regulatory authority of that jurisdiction.
  • Since we already know that many land casinos have also moved to the online casino format. Even though they had the license to operate a land casino they still have to obtain a license.
  • Like any other website, online casinos have reviews posted on the internet about their website. It’s important to always read these reviews.
  • One should always check the licensing details on their website. There are certificates issued by regulatory authorities to legitimate casinos and can be found uploaded on their websites.
  • A reputable poker site will always ask for the players proofs of name, age and location/address.
  • Always read through the terms and conditions page and make sure you agree to their terms.
  • Make sure they have adequate customer support and reply to players in a timely manner.
  • A safest online casino would always mention the name of banking partners clearly and have many forms of customer support.
  • Make sure their website has SSL encryption. A padlock icon on the website signifies the SSL encryption.
  • Read thru and financial reports posted in terms of the percentage of the payouts every month and also annually.
  • Do they offer the games you enjoy most and the software provider of your choice.


Apart from the above check list, one should always read through the website properly and go through all the reviews and testimonials as well. Plus, it’s advisable to research online about any negative review of the website.

If one finds a website and it positively covers all the above mentioned points, then it’s time to deposit and make some money.

Once you find a safe place to play, nothing can be a better experience than that!




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