Five Reasons to Outsource Web Development


Lots of beginner entrepreneurs don’t know how difficult and expensive building a website can be. Do you know the feeling of spending 20 or more hours attempting to DIY your website only to find out that you’re nowhere near finishing it? Maybe, you’ve attended webinars, workshops, gotten books, taken classes, purchased courses, added various plugins, videos, and did whatever you hear works for SEO or SEO-related tools? Does your website still remain buried on search engine and no one is finding you online? Or you just want to focus on your business’ core value and leave web development to professionals, but don’t have much cash at your disposal? That’s when website development outsourcing comes in to help your out of your predicament.

What is Outsourcing?

Generally, outsourcing means using external resources or getting help from the outside of a certain company or organization. There are many big companies that outsource their businesses, such as Apple, Nike, HP, Amazon, and many others. They will choose the location where labor is cheap but the skill of human capital is relevantly acceptable.

Countries such as China, India, Philippines, Malaysia, and Ukraine are the most targeted by the big companies that seek skilled web developers. So, outsourcing is no longer a buzzword or jargon. Now it’s a useful tool wherewith you can grow your own business. Want to learn how to outsource web development wisely? We’ll share all the outsourcing secrets in this article. And now let’s see how outsourcing works.

Why Outsource Web Development?

Some businesses are still reluctant to outsource website development to experts from other countries. The reason they don’t want to do this is rumors and stereotypes, according to which the services rendered by offshore companies aren’t up to par. If you’re also hesitant as to whether outsourcing is worth giving a shot because you consider them untrustworthy, let us over-persuade you. In fact, almost 60% of web development companies are outsourcing. You can also start reaping the benefits without overpaying intermediaries.

Still plagued by this “Should I outsource web development projects?” We suggest that you look at the five reasons why outsourcing can boost your startup to great heights.

# 1 Ability to focus on core values

Outsourcing your non-core business functions will give you more flexibility to manage core functions of your business and focus on your priorities like client service or client acquisition. The outsourcing company, in turn, will put its focus on your website and help your business get the most out of web resources. As a result, you company starts reaping all the advantages of your focused use of financial, human, and management resources required to keep your business afloat.

#2 Access to high-value talents and skills

If you’re a startup or small company, you don’t have access to skilled web developers and designers. With the skyrocketing costs of web development, even seasoned entrepreneurs and big companies face the same problem. Outsourcing web development can really help you out. You can enlist the support of the globally competitive and skilled programmers to boost your business.

#3 Cost-Efficiency

It’s not a secret that nowadays having a full-time IT guy is very expensive. And for a startup company, it is almost an unaffordable luxury. What if you need one or several programmers just occasionally to build a website, implement some features to it, or promote your ecommerce venture? Truth be told, hiring a self-employed professional is even more expensive. So, it’s about time you set your sight on outsourcing, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on building a website or other IT-related services.

#4 Service quality

With outsourcing you can expect improved quality of service. As a tool, web development outsourcing can be effective in improving the quality of service through being innovative and flexible. Outsourced professionals can help you cater to your users’ needs and ensure the best user experience possible. You also can be sure that if any technical issue arises or some additional features need to be implemented to your website, offshore web development experts will be there to address the problem immediately.

#5 Time Saving

Outsourcing is your chance to save tons of time you would otherwise spend to find and validate software engineers or web designers. You’re just several clicks away from the team of experienced web developers that will help you clarify your ideas and create the website the search engines and customers will love.

Of course, just five benefits are not all there is to expect when you outsource services from web developers. When done right, web development outsourcing can be an effective, cost-efficient, and fun endeavor.

How to Outsource Web Development?

Outsourcing web development actually breaks down into several areas:

  • Web hosting setup
  • Domain setup
  • Graphical “look and feel” theme
  • Header graphic
  • Text and graphical content layout (formatting)
  • Database/Email database setup

There are other items you can outsource. Virtually any service can be outsourced relatively inexpensively if you know exactly what your website needs.

So, how do you specifically outsource offshore web development? Let’s talk about it in more detail.

First, define the exact you done and in which order. Then, contact a team of experienced and reliable web developers that have each specific task you want to assign to them. Sort these developers based on the feedback they received on the past jobs. Needless to say, you want to hire the professionals that have the highest customer satisfaction rating and look best for each task.

Next, outsource your task, in order, until your website gets completely set up with the features you consider necessary.

Don’t overburden your website with fancy still completely useless features. Keep it simple and intuitive! The biggest mistake we see startuppers make is getting too complicated out of the box. Get a good design done upfront, then develop and expand your web over time.

Follow these simple steps and you can outsource web development very effectively and quickly!


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