Four Ways to Unwind During Your Lunch Break


If you’re a regular worker, toiling 9-5 in order to earn a living, you may well find that your one-hour lunch break in the middle of the day is a God-send for relaxation. This precious time gives you a chance to escape the office or workplace and get away from the stresses that you’re around for so much of your week. This article aims to bring you to a place where your lunch breaks are sublime periods of decompression from stress, giving four ways to unwind during your lunch break at work.


Some folks are lucky enough to listen to music all day in their office, but most are not. In this case, listening to some calming and ambient music while on your lunch break can be the perfect remedy to the constant ringing phones and chitter-chatter that usually constitutes office life. Plug in your headphones, and lend your attention to some of the music you love the most, whether that be classical, soul, reggae or Spanish guitar. The meditative bliss that music can inspire will slow your pulse to a comfortable pace, allowing your whole body to relax.


You may be far from your home, with its games console and plasma television, but during your lunch hour, you’ll still have your smartphone to have a little play on, if that’s something you feel would help you relax. Lose yourself in a world of online games, including the exciting dice-rolling gamble that is Satoshi Dice, or other mega-games like Candy Crush or Clash of Clans. It’s immersive, and you can take your gameplay on the go while you purchase your food and walk to and from your place of work, which maximizes your enjoyment.


Sometimes, the pent-up energy that we have in our place of work is best released with some movement, and a stroll around a pretty local area can be just the ticket come your lunch hour. You might choose to go for a walk alone, or with a coworker, but you’ll find that physical movement after so long sat in a chair releases some of the anxious, nervous energy that otherwise builds up inside you. Walks also constitute a good chunk of your recommended daily exercise, which means you’ll have more time in the evening to properly relax guilt-free.


There’s plenty of ways to socialize on your lunch break. You might enjoy relaxing with your colleagues in a canteen or local cafe, where you can unload some of your stress in an understanding environment. You may phone up a friend for a catch-up, or you might check your Facebook or WhatsApp messages to see who’s saying what on the group chats. Whatever socializing you have at your disposal, it’s a way to bring calm and happiness into your life, helping you unwind and prepare for your afternoon in the workplace. In this sense, a smartphone can be your portal into a relaxing and enjoyable arena of social conversation.

Unwinding during your lunch break helps your relax and remove some of the stresses you’re encountering at work, so use one of the four tips above to luxuriate during your free hour in the middle of the day.


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