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When it comes to business learning to do things smarter is the key to success. The less time something takes the better. You can channel that time into becoming more successful by marketing your business and serving your customers.

Without a doubt, the recruitment process is one that many firms would like to be able to get done faster and for less money. Well, the good news is that it is entirely possible to do this. Below are our favorite free resources that can be used to streamline how you find and hire the people your business needs to thrive.

Carry out your background checks online

There is no longer any need to visit numerous websites to carry out your initial background checks. Now, you can easily run a background search using White Pages free tool. You only need to plug in the name of your candidate, the area they live in and one other detail to bring back a wealth of information about them. It takes minutes and ensures you do not forget to carry out an important search.

Use job posting templates

To be able to attract the right type of candidate you need to write a good job posting. Doing this is not always easy. We have all sat there staring at a blinking cursor waiting from inspiration while trying to write a job advert. Using job posting templates is an excellent way to get past that stage and speed up the writing process. They are relatively easy to find online.

Post your jobs online for free

Posting your jobs in more than one place is a good way to generate lots of interest fast. A lot of firms do not do this because they are worried about the cost.

Interestingly, there are a lot of places you can post your job advert without having to pay a dime to do so. This list is quite extensive and, importantly, is up to date.

Social media research tools

Social media is a great place to glean more information about potential employees. But, carrying out the research is very time-consuming. At least it is when you do things manually. Fortunately, you no longer have to do this. Tools like FollowerWonk, MyPath, and Lippl can all be used to parse accounts so you can quickly pull out the information you need.

Email harvesting and verification tools

Attracting the right candidates can be difficult. If they are not looking for work at the time you need new people your pool of applicants can end up being too small. To get around this issue, firms are increasingly reaching out to people who are still in employment to see if they are willing to switch companies. Often, they are looking for new opportunities. So, this is actually a very effective way of finding new team members.

To be able to do this, firms need to be able to find the contact details of the people they would like to speak to. The Chrome extension ContactOut has the potential to help with this task, as does Email Extractor and MailTester.

Not all of the above tools and resources are free for life. But, the majority are. Plus, even the ones that are not free for life offer a no or very low-cost trial. They are usually generous enough to allow you to complete at least one recruitment drive.


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