Generous Donor Brightens up Downtown Bend


(Photos | Courtesy of Downtown Bend Business Association)

Recently, the Bend Relo team at Fred Real Estate Group made a generous donation to the Downtown Bend Business Association (DBBA) to support them in continuing their services during these difficult times.

“Our mission is to help people relocate to Bend and within Bend,” said David Keyte with the Bend Relo team. “We want to lead by example how to be a good citizen in this beautiful community. So, supporting DBBA during good times and bad is something we want our followers to see.”

The DBBA wanted to use the funds to do something special to brighten up Downtown, something that would be a long- lasting investment with a positive message. As a small nonprofit, the DBBA is always working to stretch every dollar. As such, the DBBA reached out to Brilliance and Branding, a long-standing community partner and sponsor of Downtown Bend beautification. They agreed to discount the costs of banners, and working together, new banners were designed for Downtown Bend.

The DBBA Board of Directors reports that it is donations like the one from Fred Real Estate Group that allow that allow their staff to continue to do the good work that they do for the community.

“Downtown Bend is truly your classic small town Main Street, funded by the community for the community,” says a DBBA board director. “We are incredibly grateful and honored by the generous donation from Fred Real Estate Group, and, in partnership with Brilliance and Branding, we are delighted to bring further beautification to Downtown Bend.”

The DDBBA is dedicated to increasing the vitality of Downtown Bend. They keep Downtown clean, graffiti free and accessible; they create the ‘look and feel’ of Downtown Bend as you know it, including decorations and banners and they advocate for the needs of Downtown Bend business and building owners. Because much of their funding comes from fundraising events — like Bend Oktoberfest, which has been canceled because of COVID19 — the organization will be operating with a limited budget this next fiscal year.

“As a small nonprofit we rely on our community to help fund beautification projects in Downtown Bend,” says Mindy Aisling, executive director of the DBBA. “This year, because we will be unable to hold our usual fundraising events, we will be relying more than ever on direct donations from our community.”


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