How to Get Your Restaurant on the Social Media Map


In today’s social media-obsessed world, having an internet presence for your business is essential for success. This concept is particularly imperative in the culinary world, given the renewed interest in finding the perfect “hot spot” for a dining experience. Many consumers will choose a spot to dine based solely on the atmosphere it provides, and the social media content they can create as a result. Here are a few ways to boost your restaurant on social media.

Creating the right atmosphere

The first step in preparing your restaurant for the world of social media is to set the proper atmosphere. Customers will enter your establishment with the immediate reflex of scoping out their surroundings. It’s imperative that your restaurant stands out in comparison to others in your area. One way to ensure this distinction is in your décor. Choosing a theme for your restaurant may seem cliché, but not all themes have to be centered on a movie or era. Your theme could be as simple as “rustic chic” or “modern minimalism”.

Once you’ve decided on a theme, your next step is finding furniture, accent pieces, lighting, and uniforms to match. The most ideal places to find pieces relative to your concept are local suppliers. These companies provide restaurant furniture, uniforms, silverware, and more. Shopping local with a supplier can ensure that your restaurant is given the focused attention it deserves and is ultimately designed with its own unique flare in all elements of your design.

Implementing your theme

The next step in preparing your restaurant for its new online presence is to provide uniforms for your staff that further your chosen theme. For example, if your furniture is centered on a modern minimalistic design, you want to ensure that your staff is dressed in similarly sleek uniforms. This creates an atmosphere of simplicity that can draw crowds who prefer a simple, architectural environment.

Should you decide to go the creative route, you might consider a design themed in a particular era like Victorian England or a western saloon. In these instances, you may want to coordinate costumed uniforms from your supplier. Should you choose to take further creative licensing, you might even consider having your wait staff and servers speak in a way that’s derivative of the theme’s time period. These extra perks provide your customers with not only a dining experience, but a performance experience as well.

Creating an online presence

The final step to getting your restaurant on the social media map is to create an online presence. Social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are more common resources in today’s world than simply scouring your neighborhood to find your next dining experience. Customers will follow businesses that have a large following on these platforms, and will be drawn in by the amount of posts and interaction that they create.

Hosting events at your restaurant such as theme nights, trivia, or concerts with local bands can also provide you with opportunities to boost your presence. On the night of your event, place signs throughout the restaurant providing customers with ways to share their experience with their followers. This can take place through hashtags, mentions, and tags on their posts. Others can simply click on these links to your event, and be directed to your restaurant’s page for further information. Be sure that your bio includes a link to your website, your phone number, and any other important contact information that you wish to share.

If online networking isn’t in your wheelhouse, consider what several businesses implement by hiring a social media coordinator to publicize these events and keep up with your various platforms on a day-to-day basis. Once you establish your overall theme, work with your supplier to implement it in all aspects of your business, and share it with the online community, you’re sure to be the talk of the town.


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