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Software testing is among the most crucial steps that a developed software should undergo before being dispatched. This is the only way that the developers will be able to find out if the software does what it is purposed to or not. There are quite a number of software testing methodologies that will come in handy to make sure that your software functions optimally. Following these methodologies will not only guarantee you functionality but also show you where there is a problem if any.

There are three popular software testing methodologies that will give you the insight you need about your software. They are reputable for giving accurate results without missing any details whatsoever.

Open box or white box

This method is always used to make sure that the code written makes the software works like it is supposed to work. View it as a code validation process. It is also used to show if the software structure is as required. If this process is done well, you should be able to see the internal workings of the software and judge if it is okay or not. This is one of the software testing methodologies that will enable you to check if the output given is the exact one expected after a specific input has been prompted. You are then able to tell where the code malfunctions and fix it there and then. Once these functionalities are compared against what is expected, fully functional software should produce a perfect match with no problems whatsoever.

While performing the white box method, you need to follow some critical steps to arrive at a valid conclusion. Try and understand the code then create a test scenario and solve it well. This will give the ultimate answer about the software. Among all the numerous processes involved in white box pay close attention to the code coverage analysis. With this, you can identify gaps very easily and quickly.


Black box or behavioral testing

This method is used to enable you to have a detailed view of the software’s functionality without having even the slightest peek at its internal structure. This is where you get to know if the software is performing precisely what it was built for. Among all the other software testing methodologies, this is the only process that can be done by someone who has no idea of the internal contents. All the tester wants to see is the input and outputs. Basically what it does is check if you put one and one put together gives a two. If yes then black box testing is successful. The reason why it is also referred to as behavioral testing is that it gives an insight on how the software behaves. This test is always beneficial if at all the software has a different designer and tester and that the tester has no knowledge of the internal working of the code.

Grey box

This is a software testing method that integrates both the black box and the white box testing. While performing this testing method, you are required to have a partial clue of what the internal structure of the code looks like to be able to render a clear judgment. While performing grey box technique, the tester may have partial knowledge of how the components interact together to give a specific functionality. It is thus one of the most unbiased testing techniques among all the software testing methodologies. This method is very effective and should be taken as seriously as the black box and the white box methodologies.


It is very important that once the software has been developed that it undergoes numerous tests to confirm that it is working well. These software testing methodologies are part of the software development life cycle. These methods will not only make sure that that you deliver a functional software but also one that does exactly what it has been created for. This process involves numerous software testing methodologies such as the white box, the black box, and the grey box. Once the software successfully passes these three, it is considered as a fully functional software, and it is ready for use.


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