Give Back to Your Community – It’s Your Responsibility


In this issue there are several incredible local nonprofits that we have highlighted and a complete list of organizations that you can view partially in this issue and entirely in the Book of Lists.

Central Oregon is a very generous community. The amount of support local groups receive is far above what most other communities are able to achieve. These organizations are sustaining many people all over Central Oregon by providing basic needs of shelter, meals and clothing, healthy beginnings, medical care, employment for people with disabilities, healing programs for teens, heartwarming gifts to cancer patients, Latino family empowerment, student scholarships and advanced learning.

Other organization are bringing joy to many through music, art and flowers for hospice and palliative care.

There are so many ways that small businesses can give back to the same community that has helped and supported their financial success. Don’t forget about these ways of helping.

Volunteer Your Skills

If your business is not in a position to donate financially, donating your skills and expertise is often a great way in which you can give back to the community. These organizations need savvy businesspeople to serve on their boards and committees. Contact Volunteer Connect at for ongoing volunteer activities.

Donate Products for Fundraising

If your business sells products and/or services, you might be able to donate some to a local nonprofit to help out with fundraising. Do you own a cake business?

Donate Items and Money

Replacing your computer system? Before you sell it or throw it away, consider donating it to a nonprofit. Organizations are always in need of electronic and stationary items and will usually be happy to take any of your unwanted stock that they can use. If your business is financially able to, you may want to consider donating a percentage of your profits each month or quarter to a specific cause. To take advantage of marking join forces with a special event and get your name out to the public.

Get your employees involved as well. Bring together a group of employees to volunteer at Day of Caring with United Way. You’ll build great collaboration in painting a building, cleaning a landscape or building a handrail.


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