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(Crack in the Ground | Courtesy of The Enviromental Center)

The Environmental Center is seeking applicants to showcase their homes and buildings on the 2019 Green Tour on Saturday, September 28. The tour demonstrates innovation in sustainable design while still demonstrating how everyday people can save energy at home and at work.

The Green Tour highlights both residential and commercial projects and will bring awareness to the opportunities that exist to build energy savings into the design of new buildings as well as how our existing building stock can be retrofitted to be more efficient.

This year the tour is seeking properties that put an emphasis on getting to zero energy use, utilizing solar plus storage, efficient ADUs or sites that have installed or are planning for electric vehicle charging. Home or commercial energy retrofits are an equally important part of the tour.

“Most of us aren’t going to be packing up and moving into a new home anytime soon, so energy retrofits allow more of us to make the connection to the kinds of upgrades that we can make in our very own homes and offices,” says Lindsey Hardy, program director of The Energy Challenge.

“We hope to recruit a few enthusiastic homeowners to share their retrofit stories with us. We know that these journeys can last years and what they have learned along the way is invaluable to the rest of us. They can be inspiration for us to challenge the notion that our homes are already good enough because there are limitless opportunities out there for us to save energy in our buildings whether they are new or old.”

Designers, builders, realtors, home performance contractors, solar contractors, and homeowners are all encouraged to apply to put a building on the tour. Those who are interested in applying are invited to fill out a quick and easy preliminary application at by Friday, July 12.

The tour will take place on September 28, 2019 from 10am-4:30pm.


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