Hair transplant: 7 legit reasons to get it done


The baldness, rare hair, imperfect hairline…are not problems anymore and can be easily solved by a hair transplant. Just imagine, about 650,000 people have this procedure annually according to ISHRS, and every year this number is growing. Moreover, a lot of celebs (for instance, Elon Musk, Elton John, Naomi Campbell, etc.) have already improved their appearance with a hair transplant.

In spite of such a high demand for hair transplant, there are still a lot of fears and misconceptions around this procedure. To dispel the doubts and force you to become closer to a new perfect look, we have composed a list of legit reasons why you should definitely do a hair transplant!

Lifetime result

You can waste a lot of time and money for taking pills, using miracle-working ointment and physiotherapies…but the result will be temporary and not completely satisfying in ost of the cases. The things are different with a hair transplant — the result is long-lasting and even lifetime, so you will forget about hair loss for ages! Some clinics even provide a lifetime warranty to persuade you in the excellent outcome.

Boost your self-esteem

After a hair transplant, you won’t need to shave the head and read research that bald men are more sexual than those with hair; you will stop to comb receding hair and will throw away your cap. The recent studies show that men look 10-15 younger after hair transplant. So, having hair transplant may change your life returning self-esteem and enthusiastic look of women.

Natural-looking hair

After a procedure, the transplanted hair will look and grow like your own one. The result is so natural, that nobody won’t even notice (until you confess) that you have had a hair transplant. Moreover, the care for transplanted hair is the same as for natural one — you can wash it, cut, dye, etc. Simply put, there is no difference between transplanted hair and your own one.

Helpful even for advanced alopecia

Hair transplant is an effective and, maybe, the only option even for patients who have advanced hair loss. However, be ready to have at least 2 procedures to transplant the hair for achieving a satisfying result. Moreover, the cost will also be twice higher.

Fast-track recovery

After a hair transplant, a patient does not even need to stay in the clinic. Just after the procedure, you return to a hotel, and then visit a clinic to estimate the recovery process. If everything goes well, you can return home, work, and everyday activities. However, you need to wash the head in a special manner and sleep on your back to speed up the healing process. What is important — you want to feel pain after surgery. However, itching and some kind of swelling can take place.

Minimum side effects

Hair transplant is considered a quite safe procedure. However, it is still an intervention that can cause some complications and side effects. In case of a hair transplant, they are absent or minimal, and disappear very soon. For instance, some hardly visible traces may remain in a place, where the hair has been transplanted. Even if it happens, the hairs grow and hide these traces completely. After an operation, some bleeding or itching may occur, but they are temporary. To avoid severe complications like infections, carefully choose a doctor who will manage a procedure for you.

Affordable price

Some people do not want to have hair transplant, thinking that it will cost them a fortune. This is a very deep misconception. If you start searching for hair transplant overseas, you can save up to 60% of your money. The most affordable offers are in Turkey, Poland, Lithuania, India, etc. You may find the great all-inclusive options for $1,500-$1,700 (this is a price in the best transplant center in Turkey). Click to find the hair transplant surgeons in Turkey and choose the most convenient variant in your case.

Fast arrangement of hair transplant

Wherever you wish to have hair transplant — in Turkey, India, South Korea, or Thailand — it is possible to arrange your trip for several days. Most hair transplant centers are client-oriented and do their best to satisfy the customers. However, before choosing a clinic, always check reviews, before and after photos to avoid frauds.


Hair transplant is a safe, fast, and quite affordable technique to return your confidence and to  look 10 years younger. All you need is to collect some money, choose the most appropriate clinic, appoint a procedure… and pack your baggage for medical travel. Do not postpone so simple but significant changes that can bring you to a new life!

Even Elon Musk has done it, now it is your turn.


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