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(Photo above: Gina Montgomery | Photo Courtesy of Gina Montgomery)

In the age of treating symptoms rather than the cause, too many of us wind up dealing with stress, chronic physical or emotional pain and illness that never seem to get resolved. Thankfully, as I have found out, it’s never too late to get back in balance, rediscover flow in your body and feel really alive. You just have to take yourself to Zia Healing Arts on Bend’s west side.

Gina Montgomery LMT, CST, RYT—who opened Zia Healing Arts this spring, 18 months after launching Bend Community Healing—helps you to feel better physically and emotionally. A lot better. She specializes in Craniosacral Therapy, which uses the power of gentle touch to improve the functioning of your nervous system.

Gina, who is a licensed and ridiculously talented massage therapist, trained with The Upledger Institute, reaching the most advanced levels. Through gentle manipulation, she coaxes the body to release deep restrictions and tension, relieving pain and dysfunction and improving health and performance. Her work is so effective that one client calls her a “body whisperer.”

Gina, who has practiced for 23 years, taps into the following areas of expertise as needed:

• Reflexology, which works on the nerve endings of the hands and feet to improve blood supply and relieve nervous stress and tension.

• Trigger point work, which focuses on releasing tight spots in muscle tissue that refer pain patterns to other parts of the body.

• Myofascial release, which frees up restrictions in the connective tissue, eliminates pain and restores motion.
Need some serious relaxation? Gina’s Japanese Hot Stone Facial Massage revives your nervous system while enhancing your skin tone and overall feeling of wellbeing. Result: you’ll glow inside and out.

In a town replete with body workers, another quality that sets Gina’s work apart is her study of spiritual healing in the Sufi tradition, which significantly deepened her ability to help clients release limiting holding patterns and traumas.

“That three-year program transformed my life and how I work on people,” says Gina. “The ancient teachings upped the ante and made my work more powerful.”

Gina Montgomery and Zia Healing Arts


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