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After fifteen years, Heart ‘n Home is releasing a new logo. Be watching for our new logo on our website, social media and, in time, our vehicles and building signage. Our new logo is clean and simplified. This concept aligns perfectly with our recent endeavor to structure and simplify what we do in hospice, after all, it’s all about how our patients and their caregivers “feel.” We will not be distracted by other business models or modalities. We do hospice and nothing else, we think about how a patient feels every day, every time. Do our patients feel loved, do they feel confidence from us, do our patients feel comfortable, do their caregivers feel confident in caring for their loved one? These are questions we work on, meet on and obsess ourselves with.

We want every encounter with Heart ‘n Home, from the phone call to visiting staff, to be a positive experience. Our newly implemented processes focus on delivering the Heart ‘n Home “feel” every day, every time. We have an intentional design to our patient visit structure. It ensures nothing is missed and everything is taken in to account with every team member, at every visit. We also have an extraordinary people development process that instills confidence and competence in each of our team members. Our focus on these two areas is the most direct way of assuring legendary care for everyone we have the privilege of serving.

Our new logo also has a modern feel, which pairs well with our focus of executing a modern approach to hospice management. This results in a high-quality, predictable experience for our patients and their caregivers. Our logo is made of three leaves. Everything in nature is hard-wired with predictive ability … including us, as humans. Often, our awareness is crammed with distractions. Since the very beginning, Heart ‘n Home has focused on doing right by the patient, our focus going into the future is still, “doing right by the patient;” however, the difference will be we will eliminate all distractions so that we can meticulously zero in on the feeling we are creating for our patients and their loved ones.

Our logo varies of three of our company-branded colors: red, black and gray, complimented by white as needed. The three leaves also serve as symbolism of the holistic aspect of hospice care — meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of a patient and their loved ones. Leaves depict hope, renewal and growth. For individuals on hospice care, their hope often changes throughout their journey.

The logo redesign and typeface are part of Heart ‘n Home’s rebranding strategy to create an exceptional, consistent and meaningful care experience every day, every time. Even though a new logo brings a new look, we have the same management and same affirming-life mission. We are privileged to be a part of our patients’ story; as their teachers, a support system and their experts in end-of-life care. Learn more about Heart ‘n Home at goHOSPICE.com.



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