How a Forex White Label Partnership Can Benefit a New Brokerage


The Forex industry is a challenging one. A Brokerage will need a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of their services and clientele. Furthermore, it will need to operate smoothly and reliably almost immediately. It is certainly not for the faint-hearted and will require investment and patience.

However, Popcorn Technology has set out to lend a helping hand. They provide excellent service and have invaluable knowledge. To help new and experienced brokerages to operate successfully.

A Forex white label partnership will enable a smaller brokerage to operate with confidence, professionalism and offer mature services that a retail trader would come to expect from a reputable company.

A new brokerage will inevitably want to operate under its own banner, with its unique branding and have independent relationships with its clients. A forex white label partnership will empower a start-up to work independently while leveraging a great resource of knowledge and experience to help them provide industry-leading services.

Benefits of a Forex White Label Partnership

Monitor Live Marketing Data and Lead Management

Popcorn provides an effective CRM which includes adequate lead tracking tools. Their system can track and monitor leads at each step of the customers onboarding. Their CRM is also integrated with the MT4 platform.

Combined Customer Support

When operating at full capacity, without a dedicated customer support team, a smaller brokerage would start to struggle with the demand of customer requests or complaints and its own unique problems at the same time. In a partnership, a problem shared is a problem halved and a new brokerage will find quick relief and comfort knowing they can lean on Popcorn and their wealth of experience.


Any company operating in the financial markets must be steadfast, reliable, and above all, trustworthy. Operating under the umbrella of Popcorn, a new brokerage can appear trustworthy and honest from the start, which is the quickest way of stimulating growth.

Cost-Effective Technology

Proprietary software systems can be expensive, which means capital requirements to start a brokerage can be a barrier for many prospective entrepreneurs. However, a partnership with Popcorn can facilitate successful operations. They have systems in place to manage the entire process. Their technology and infrastructure are optimised and tested.

Rapid Route to Market

An IT department is not a requirement. There is no need to employ hundreds of staff at least not initially. The start-up process is repeatable and efficiently implemented, and a new brokerage can expect to be up and operating in a few short weeks. That is only possible when in partnership with a larger, more experienced team or network.

Start-Up Team

Popcorn provides a specific team to help manage and support new brokerages. They have identified the need for dedicated support to new brokerages.

MT4 platform

Most traders know that MT4 is the industry standard trading platform. Popcorn has made use of this trusted software and provides it to new brokerages who can offer it to their clients. MT4 includes real-time news feeds, plenty of indicators, multiple timeframes, and real-time quotes as standard.


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