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Starting a business is one thing; growing it is quite another. There is a lot of information available to those who want their business to get bigger and better, but what options do you have that will give you a healthy return on your investment? Here are some ideas that you can consider to help you grow your business.


Literally Grow – Open a New Location

When we say ‘grow your business’ in some cases we literally mean grow it. Opening a second location can pay dividends when it comes to making more profit at the end of the year. It’s not always the best way to grow, though, so you need to make sure that your current location can make enough money to cover the new one until it finds its feet. You’ll also need to do a lot of research regarding the best locations. Finally, you’ll need to reassure your current customers that opening another store won’t mean that the service or the products will diminish in any way – it can be a worry and you don’t want to lose customers when you’re looking to find more.


Buy Another Business

Buying or merging with another business can be the quickest way to grow your existing one. Of course, it’s also an expensive way to do it – unless you find a real bargain – and you don’t want to find that you’ve overstretched yourself. This is an area where you will need to talk to an expert in this field; an accountant with experience in buying and selling businesses, for example, will be able to see you through this potentially hazardous time. When it’s done, though, and if you work on marketing and customer retention and you’ve done enough research beforehand, you should see a growth in your sales.


Make Your Website Work for You

Whether or not you have a physical store, having a website is essential. Most people will want to learn about you online before they venture into any store that you might have. If you don’t have a store, then it’s even more important to ensure that your website is working for you, not against you. An ecommerce site is a great way to sell – it is safe and secure, and you can highlight all the products you have to their best advantage. Although it is possible to design websites yourself, it’s often best to have a professional do it for you. An expert in ecommerce technical SEO such as Hill Web Creations will be able to offer advice and information, and create a website that gives you more profits and appeals to more customers.


Social Media

Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to boost your sales is something that more and more businesses understand is essential, but your social media campaign will only be a success if your website is optimized to reach its full potential (see above). Your customers – whoever they are –spend a lot of time online, and if you can be there too, then they will become accustomed to seeing your brand, your name, your logo, and your products. Choose your platform wisely, and pick the one that your target audience is most likely to be using. Once you’ve found the ideal social media site for your business, you need to work on a content strategy, and ensure that you post regularly, and engage with the customers who contact you there. The more you do this, the further your reach will grow, and you’ll make many more sales.




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Aligning yourself with a partner business can boost your sales and push your name further than you might be able to so alone. You don’t want to approach your direct competitors, of course, but people who are in a similar – yet different – business who can help you will be useful to get in touch with. If you sell drinks, for example, then you might want to partner with someone who solely specializes in food, or mugs and glasses. Look for something that can bring added value to both sides, and the rewards could be huge.



If you’ve exhausted all avenues when it comes to expanding the business you’re already in, why not diversify? You don’t have to go all out different, but you can add new products to your range, perhaps, and hold a special event promoting them. Make sure they fit in with the items you already sell, and that the quality of them matches everything else you do. If it’s a service, ensure that you’ve got enough knowledge to sell it well and continue to give your customers the level of satisfaction that they have come to expect from your company.


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