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Social Networks reside in a complex and sometimes confounding space. Navigating the ebbs and flows of the various postings is mind boggling. For many, social networking sites are integral to relationships, to product promotions and branding, but a new study finds that use could actually damage users’ romantic relationships, break up families and trigger negative reactions to products and services.

Researchers from the University of Missouri found that individuals who use Facebook excessively are far more likely to experience Facebook-related conflict. This acrimony can cause negative relationship outcomes including emotional and physical cheating, breakup, even, in the case of teenagers, suicide.

In today’s political climate the internet seems to be the stomping grounds for negative rhetoric. Social Media is a unique public environment that has its own culture and expectations. Traditional customer service and public relations may not be enough. The people who hide behind social media platforms for their anger and frustrations feed off of each other. One person’s rant gives another a podium to spread fear and nastiness.

These kind of people and comments should be ignored. They’re wallowing in an unhealthy environment and the conflict will come back to haunt them. Don’t ever be tempted to post your own negative comments, it only makes you look like you’re part of the problem.

If a negative or controversial comment comes up, the first thing you should do is take a screen capture or document it in some way. Some things can be deleted or modified by the poster, so it is important to have proof if the matter is contested or the issue escalates to a more serious matter.

It’s not uncommon that an internet troll is trying to get an emotional reaction or response from their post. It is critical that you never take it personal or engage or challenge the person negatively. Remember, this is in public, and you are being judged by not only the poster, but all your followers.

You don’t have to reply to everything. If the comment is clearly an attack or an effort to pick a fight, let it go.

Make your posts happy posts. The feedback will be positive and in the end, you’re helping to make this a better and improved environment for social interaction.

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