How to Improve Your Employees’ Productivity


The more productively your employees work, the better your business will perform. To accomplish this, however, you cannot levy tighter deadlines, nor can you put pressure on work to be done. You need to improve your company culture, not make it more stressful. When an employee enjoys where they work, feels good about where they work, and are in a healthy state of mind, they can and will work better naturally. Follow these tips, and your employees will perform better before you know it.

Set Milestone Rewards

The only person you should try to pit your employees against is themselves. Milestone rewards, for instance bringing in ten clients, or bringing in fifty, can help your employees work harder for a reward they know is coming. This means that rather than competing with their teammates, they’re competing against themselves. Rewards should be tiered, meaning hitting one milestone will give you a free lunch, whereas hitting a record and proving that you are a critical employee will guarantee you a bonus. Milestones rewards will also show you who works hard for you and those who don’t.

Improve the Break Room

The better the break, the more productive you can be. That is why improving the break room is next on this list. Make it clean, aesthetically pleasing, and add in appliances. Give your employees the means to eat healthily. Having a fridge so that they can bring their lunch, an oven, a microwave, a kettle, and a coffee machine can all go a long way. Furthermore, choosing the right office coffee service is key. Workers rely on caffeine, and coffee is a much healthier option than energy drinks. Give them free tea, coffee, and even a few simple power bars and they will be able to refuel and go back to work better than before.

Encourage Healthy Living

Healthy living improves cognitive function, meaning that if you can encourage your employees to eat better and exercise more, you can improve their productivity. Offer a discount to a local gym membership, put up posters in the break room that tell your employees about healthy eating, and so on. You won’t be able to force your employees to eat healthier or to exercise more, but by making it easy and by making it a part of your company culture you can encourage them to do more for their health. A healthy body equates to a healthy mind, meaning your employees will work better.

Encourage Teamwork

When employees collaborate and share ideas in an effective and healthy manner, more work can be done better than before. As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that your workforce is cooperating. To do this, improve how you run your meetings, have a strong anti-harassment policy, and run team-building exercises. The more that your employees learn how to communicate effectively with each other, and the more accustomed they are to working together on every project, the better.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it certainly wasn’t built by one person. It is only when your employees are working together and are working at their best that your business can succeed.


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