How to Improve the Security of Your Business


Your business is under threat, and it has nothing to do with whether you lock your office at night or if you have a security system. Too many people don’t take the threat to their digital security seriously. From malware to ransomware, there are too many ways that hackers can hijack your information and either delete it or hold it hostage. This could completely destroy a company, or it could destroy its credibility and reputation. If your customers’ information is stolen, for instance, it can lead to a serious breach of trust. You need to protect your company, both in preventative measures and in back-up measures.

  1. Have Strong Passwords

One of the best ways to protect against hackers is to have strong passwords at multiple levels. This applies to both you and your employees, and to your customers. You will want to use unique passwords for everything business related, so that if another company is hacked, your local information will be safe.

  1. Keep a Backup

You need a backup for many reasons. Your systems might fail, you might be attacked by ransomware, your computers could get damaged, wiped clean, or corrupted. Having multiple backups ensures that even if the worst does happen, you don’t have to start from scratch, you just need to upload documents. There are two ways to back up your systems. The first way is on external hard drives, which can protect you from online threats, but is similarly under threat of physical damage. That is why you should also back up your data online through cloud systems.

  1. Ensure All Your Information is Safe

You cannot, however, assume that your data is safe in the cloud. There are many things that can go wrong; for instance an employee could accidentally upload malware to the cloud and that malware could get synced to end-user devices. To protect yourself from this, secure your data using Skyhigh Networks CASB software to protect your data from insider threats, compromised accounts, or sensitive data loss. It enforces security, compliance, and governance policies so that your data is more secure than ever before. You wouldn’t use your computer without an antivirus software protecting you, and you shouldn’t use your cloud systems without measures in place, either.

  1. Keep Your Systems Updated

An obvious but incredibly important security measure is to simply update your software as soon as new updates come out. If you have outdated systems on your computer – no matter what it is – hackers can access it. Updates occur so that access keys or programs that hackers create is rendered useless. Update your software so you can stay one step ahead of any hacker or malware.

  1. Train Your Employees

This last suggestion is a preventative measure. Essentially, train your employees on how to recognize malware attacks and phishing attacks as they occur. That way, your company and your employees will be better protected.

Being safe online is even more important than locking your office. Your data is your company, and it is how you can operate, succeed, and expand. If you don’t have adequate security measures in place at your business, you are at risk. Be prepared, train your employees, and have these measures in place.


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