How To Increase Your Visibility In The Marketplace


You may be thinking that it’s time to get your business more visibility. Maybe you’re lacking loyal customers and brand recognition, and are seeking ways to get recognized. This is a common issue many companies face. However, there are useful tactics to consider that may help you reach your goals.

Make a commitment to your business, both financially and with your time, to discover new avenues for growth. Test the waters and take risks to help you get to the next level. Now’s not the time to sit back and watch others get to the top. See how to increase your visibility in the marketplace.

Paid Advertising

There’s nothing wrong with paid advertising to set yourself apart from the competition. Local paid search is a great way to get your business online and in the hands of the customers. Most consumers find what they’re looking for online first before making a purchase. Also, consider advertising on other channels like billboards or television commercials, if it’s in your budget. Show people who you are and why they should do business with you using various paid advertising methods.

Consult with an Outside Firm

Get with a digital marketing agency and discuss with them what the digital marketing industry best practices are and how to apply them to your business. This is what they specialize in, and they’ll be able to assist you. Their expertise will lead you to brainstorm great campaign ideas. You specialize in your business industry and not necessarily marketing, so that’s why it’s smart to reach out to an agency to help guide you in your marketing needs.

Speaking Engagements

Register for speaking engagements that’ll get you in front of customers and potential clients. It’s an excellent way to prove your industry knowledge to others and make new connections in the process. Use it as a networking opportunity and learn about other businesses in the area too. Being a speaker is sure to get your business name noticed and out in the public.


Use grassroots marketing to get people talking about you. Ignite word-of-mouth conversations by using influencers to talk about you with their networkers, and deliver superior customer service. Create marketing material that people want to share and talk about with their friends. Run a contest or host an event that encourages attendees to take and share pictures using a product or company hashtag. Make your influencers feel like insiders by sharing behind-the-scenes footage or offering them products before the public sees them.

Opt-In Email

Email marketing is still a strong method for getting your message across to the right people. Collect email addresses of your target audience and have them opt-in to receive your email updates. Keep the messaging clear, entertaining, informational and to the point. Try not to overload them with multiple emails in a short time span. Use email marketing campaigns to plan content that’s relevant and timely.


You work hard, and your business deserves to be recognized. Take action and start putting yourself out there through organized strategies. This is how to increase your visibility in the marketplace.


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