An Injury in a Public Place: A Mini Guide


Injuries happen all the time. You might slip on some ice on the way home and hit your head. You might fall off your bike. You might get into a car accident. Injuries are a part of life, but when the injury you have experienced was caused because of someone else’s negligence, then you might have a case of liability on your hands. Understanding when an injury was due to negligence can help you make the right decision moving forward. Compensation can be well deserved and can help you

Understanding Liability

Businesses are responsible for providing a safe place for both their employees and customers. It means that not only should they do all they can to ensure safety inside their stores, but outside as well. That is why if they have left their pavements unsalted when there is ice on them, they are liable. If, on the other hand, a storm came through and ripped part of their roof off, and that hurt someone, they won’t be. Accidents are unforeseen and unpreventable. A business employer or the city is liable when they know there is a danger and they do not act on it or, alternatively, they do not do enough to check and ensure safety regulations are met consistently.

Negligence Vs. Criminal Cases

Not putting road salt on your pavement during winter is negligence, but it is not criminal misconduct. Not repairing a piece of machinery on your work floor, despite knowing there is a problem and it could hurt someone in the future because you don’t want to pay for the repairs, however, is criminal. Criminal negligence cases vary slightly differently from regular cases in the sense that not only can you claim compensation, but you can also push for charges to be placed on the culprit.

What to Do If You Have Been Hurt Due to Negligence

If you have been hurt due to negligence, always contact The Compensation Experts. You need to remember that businesses need to be insured in order to run, so in most cases, you will not be taking money directly from the owner, but their insurer. The claim, of course, should spur that business or city to do more to ensure safety in the future, but compensation is primarily needed to help you heal and move on with your life without financial worries.

Why You Need to Seek Compensation

There are a lot of unforeseen costs that can occur due to an injury. To start, any extra medical costs if you choose to take your healthcare private. Secondly, for any loss of income which you experience due to your injury. Then there are other costs, for example, if you need to pay for any equipment to help you deal with your new disability, if you have lost your ability to do your old job and need to take on a lesser paying one, and so on.

Being injured in a public place does not mean that the injury and your recovery are entirely on you. In some cases, the city might be responsible; in others, a local business. If negligence is the cause, then you need to fight for the compensation you need to heal and move on.


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