Should you invest in Online Gambling in 2019?


Professional video gaming is on the rise around the world. Almost no month ends without a story of people investing in the gaming field. Surprisingly, online gambling competes closely with video gaming in revenue, popularity and everything else. Does that mean Internet-casinos are not profitable anymore?

Exploring the Opportunities

Being a billion dollar industry, there are numerous investment opportunities in online gambling. You could become a professional player or start your own online casino. You can invest in sports betting or buy shares in some of the largest companies.

For most people, investing in gambling means playing competitively. Whether it’s through betting or playing slots, playing casino games is the easiest way to make money in the industry. There are hundreds of games in most of the top gambling sites. But if you are to become a professional, you need more than know how to play poker.

Top Profitable Games for Investors

Most casino game players do it for entertainment. If you are after profits, you can’t afford to invest your time in just about any game. Most of the games are designed to make the house profitable anyway. If you are not careful, making profits through gambling will be difficult.


This is arguably the best game for professional players. It’s a game of cards, which means skilled players have an edge when playing against inexperienced players. You win in any of three ways. For one, you can draw a hand higher than that of the dealer. If the dealer’s hand goes beyond 21, you become the automatic winner. Lastly, if you draw a hand value two times before the dealer does, you become the winner.

Baccarat and the Roulette

These are two other games where chances of winning are much higher than with slots. In Baccarat, players draw cards and compete to have cards whose values are closest to nine. Gamblers wager on whether the dealer of the players will win. You can also bet on a tie but since it rarely happens, you have higher chances of winning by betting on either players or the dealers.

The roulette is French for “little wheel.” In the European version, the game consists of a board with 36 numbers and one 0. The American version has an additional number represented by 00. When the game is initiated, a small white ball is forced around the circular table and slowly stops spinning until it lands on a specific number.

There are multiple ways to win on the roulette besides where the ball lands. Players can bet on the ball landing on an even or odd number. They can pick on black or red (the only colors painted on the numbers) or whether the ball lands in the first 19 numbers or from 20-36.


You don’t need skills to play slots. Simply click play when you choose a good slot and its reels will spin and display symbols that determine whether you win or lose. Slots are a game of chance. They are fun to play and can make you some decent cash on your lucky day. They also attract the most bonuses on casinos. Join any modern online casino and you are likely to get free slots no deposit bonuses.

Sports Betting

Many online casinos also support sports betting. But since betting on its own is such a huge industry, the top betting platforms focus on sports betting fully. Joining is free in almost every betting site. You can bet in almost any sport and in a variety of ways. But considering the goal is to make it professionally, you need to be specific about the sport or type of betting you do.

Let’s say you pick football (soccer) to be your preferred betting sport. You must then choose sports leagues and teams to be betting on. Most professional bettors aren’t strict on teams but they stick to a few top leagues. The top European leagues are a great start since they offer competitive games televised worldwide.

Choosing a Gambling Platform

Picking a gambling platform is one of the most important things you can make as a professional. The Internet is full of scams. So, even before you start playing—you must be careful not be scammed off all your money.

While there are a few scam gambling sites, there are thousands of legitimate platforms. There is a gambling site in almost every country where online gambling is legal. As a professional, however, there is more to a casino than its legal credentials.

A platform’s customer services, games supported and bonuses offered are all important considerations. How easy it’s to play on the platform and its support for multiplayer games are other considerations. In general, you want a site where you can play any games with no technical hiccups. And if they occur, you get your money back while the issues are sorted instantly.

Expanding your Knowledge and Skills

The chances of winning an online casino jackpot are slim. But if you are to make it as a professional and maybe even win a jackpot, you can’t afford to remain a novice forever. Of course, experience helps you improve as a player. But it’s quicker to improve your gambling skills through learning.

Take poker, for example. Some people are significantly better at the game than others. The best players win more and make more money. With things like sports betting, learning to find value bets will make you a better investor overall.

Since being a better player is the best way to make money in online gambling, you must limit play-time on games of luck. Casino games offer thrills but there is little you can do increase your odds of winning. Professional gamblers stick to

Working as a Professional

When you have the skills and win a lot, it’s easy to become overconfident. You could wager your whole week’s earnings because you believe you can win. When you lose consecutively, you continue betting believing you will win again.

Investing in the online gambling industry is different from investing anywhere else. If you mess up your bankroll, you will easily run bankrupt. If you are not careful with your wagers, forget about making consistent profits.

To Conclude

The online gambling industry is one of the largest Internet-based industries. If you have ever thought about making money with gambling, there are plenty of opportunities to be tapped. A little bit of capital is all you need to start playing. You also need to choose your games wisely and develop a professional mindset.

In the long-run, the goal is to make consistent profits. If you are lucky, a million dollar jackpot win wouldn’t be a bad idea. Would it?

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