JD.Com’s Smart Housing Offers Futuristic Living To People In China


Imagine living in a home that cools itself down before you get home from a long day of work. Imagine an elevator already waiting for you before you enter the lobby. Think how nice it would be to have a security system that will monitor your home and allow you to see everything happening in real-time while you are gone. All of this is what smart living has in store from JD.com and its IoT platform.

JD.com was founded in 2004 by Richard Liu. He is one of China’s most successful entrepreneurs. His company is the largest retailer online and overall. Since being founded, Liu has remained the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.

In part to the growing demand for security and convenience by consumers, the market for Chinese smart homes has increased significantly. The hot real estate market in the country is starting to cool down as more companies are looking to embrace smart electronics to add value to their homes and businesses.

Not only is Richard Liu and his company focusing on smart technology in single residential homes, but they are also focusing on residential compounds as well. This means centralized security systems that can help property managers monitor for issues in real-time. For example, they would see right away if a street light needs repairing.

The company’s IoT platform is already partnering with over 20 real estate leaders in more than 30 cities across China. These deals have offered property managers IoT solutions for property management. Some features that come included with the platform are temporary visitor QR codes, facial recognition to access buildings, management apps and smart parking payment systems.

One of the partnerships already made with the company is with Tianrun Real Estate. The company recently installed one of the JD Smart Home Solutions platforms into one of its communities located in Beijing. Families living in this residential community will be able to enjoy a host of Smart Living amenities including air conditioning systems that can turn on before they arrive home, lights and elevators that activate upon arrival and humidifiers and air purifiers that adjust to climate conditions as they change throughout the day.

In Changsha, the Caifu Building had an IoT platform installed by JD.com that offers users a fully integrated hardware and software system platform. The features it boasts for property managers include smart access, smart elevators, smart parking, management apps and a smart parking payment system. The Internet of Things from JD is the largest available ecosystem for home communities looking for smart innovations.

Today, the company serves more than 25 million homes around China with its services that include over 1,000 brands and 4,000 products. In the increasing sector of smart home technology, JD is positioning itself to become the partner of choice. More than any other company, JD offers an IoT ecosystem that is more comprehensive than competitors. They can quickly deploy their technology throughout a property to allow managers easy and efficient access to smart technology. In short, the platform offers advanced living experiences for the customers it helps.

Residents using the IoT platform will be able to enjoy a lifestyle that would not have been dreamed as possible just a few years ago. Richard Liu has successfully created a company valued at more the $25 billion. It has paved the way for competition in the sales industries for fresh foods, books, apparel, electronics and more. The company stores its products in warehouses they own and can quickly ship to their customers using their local, nationwide logistics networks. In addition to smart home technology, the company is looking to make use of drones to reach its rural customers quicker.


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