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(Photo above: Robb Nelson and Risa Monroe | Photo Courtesy of Juniper Thickets)

Rustic Furniture Made in Redmond

Risa Monroe and business partner Robb Nelson have launched Juniper Thickets — a local rustic furniture company. Robb makes all of the furniture by hand from their location in Redmond. “The juniper wood we use is harvested from Central and Eastern Oregon and milled in Fossil,” explains Risa. “The natural beauty of the juniper wood can be seen in each piece. We have immediate offerings of our prototypes and are working on creating a permanent product line.”

Robb was born and raised in Central Oregon. He currently resides and works in Redmond. As a carpenter, he has been working with lumber and designing high-end cabinets for most of his professional life. Robb has a passion for bringing out the natural beauty in the wood and has exceptional attention to detail. In 2016, he began experimenting with juniper lumber, the results were breathtaking. Juniper Thickets was born from the vision of Robb’s whose passion for making beautiful hand-crafter furniture from the local juniper tree is visible in each piece.

Risa is a native Oregonian and moved to Central Oregon in 2008. She studied business in college and currently lives in Redmond with her husband and two children. Risa and Robb met in 2009 and in 2017 through a mutual passion for the juniper-based furniture started Juniper Thickets.

Juniper trees are prominent in Central Oregon. What many people don’t realize about juniper is the trees are choking out native grasses and pushing native wildlife out of our area. Juniper trees draw all of the available moisture out of the soil which prevents the natural grasses from growing. “By harvesting the juniper trees and using the lumber to create beautiful rustic furniture, we are restoring the land and allowing the natural grasses to thrive,” says Risa.

On the Juniper Thickets website you can view the impressive furniture pieces from dressers, bookshelves, armoires and end tables.



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