Keeping Cozy When It’s Cold: How to Throw the Perfect Winter Backyard Party


Just because summer is over, that doesn’t mean all the fun goes out of life. People want the same things in winter as they do in summer – to spend time with friends, enjoy delicious food and drink, and generally have a great time.

The weather might be cold, even rainy, but you can still enjoy the great outdoors, even if you only stay in your own backyard. Outdoor parties in winter are actually super fun, provided you take the weather conditions into account. After all, what’s better than being warm and cozy on a cold winter’s night?

How to throw the perfect winter party? Let’s get into the details.

Keeping Warm

The most important thing to get right when throwing a winter party outdoors is to keep your guests, and you, warm and dry for the entire night. There are lots of ways to do this. Which you choose will likely be determined by where you live and how much space you have.

If you have a large backyard and plan to throw lots of cold-weather parties, having a fireplace installed won’t only keep you warm, but look fantastic, too. You can cozy up there any time you’d like! However, fireplaces are expensive. You might want to choose a fire pit for a more cost-effective option.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to build a bonfire for a truly festive feel (and the perfect place to make s’mores!) But then, be careful. Make sure your guests are safe. Also, not all areas allow bonfires, so check your local regulations beforehand. You don’t want your part ruined by the police showing up!

For more portable but equally toasty warmth, pick up a chimenea (a small fireplace) or even a patio heater.


Most people who have upholstered patio furniture will pack it away during winter. You need something a little more robust to stand up to the wind, rain, and snow of the colder months. Wooden or plastic picnic furniture are both great options (if wood, make sure it’s treated to be weather-resistant), and you can up the comfort factor with blankets and cushions. Whatever you go for, just don’t be too concerned with whether or not the furniture is pretty. It’s more important that it’s fit for the purpose.

You can also keep the weather away by installing an awning. Check out for great options.

Food and Drink

For cold outdoor parties, you want to carry the ‘cozy’ motif over into food and drink. Ideally, everything you serve will be hot – warm apple cider, hot buttered rum, and food that’s either grilled (if you’re able to grill) or cooked indoors, and then brought out. You could stick to finger foods, or opt for a one-pot stew that’s served to guests in disposable bowls. You don’t want your best china getting broken outdoors!

If you’re cooking indoors, make sure to do all your prep before your guests arrive and make sure you choose something that doesn’t require you to check on it every five minutes! Your guests are there to see you, not to sit around while you spend hours preparing food.


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