KidRunner Successful Market Launch of Innovative Kid Jogger


(Photos | Courtesy of KidRunner)

KidRunner based in Bend has successfully launched the industry’s most innovative kid jogger. The first round of pre-orders sold out and were recently delivered to mom and dad runners across the U.S. and Canada.

KidRunner has successfully solved the problem of poor performance and lack of freedom of traditional kid joggers with a complete reinvention of how to run and explore with kids. Parent runners call KidRunner “the solution we’ve been waiting for.”

“Most parent runners don’t like traditional kid joggers because they lose performance and freedom and increase the likelihood of injury. KidRunner’s unique design and technology solves those problems,” said KidRunner founder/partner Will Warne. “KidRunner changes everything for the 400,000 new parent runners every year that that have been asking for a better way to run and explore with their kids.”

“KidRunner is one of those once in a lifetime products that changes the way you think about running with kids. It no longer has to be a chore to run with your kids, it
can actually be enjoyable,” said Max King, elite runner
and champion.

KidRunner enters a parent running market that until now has lacked the technology and performance that parents expect from sports and outdoor equipment. For the first time ever, parents can now get the fitness, freedom and performance they love about running, but can’t get from traditional kid joggers.

It makes running with kids enjoyable because of its award winning design, advanced materials and patented Harmonic Dampening Solution (HDS).

Founded in Bend, KidRunner is the world’s first high-performance, all-terrain, lightweight, pull-style kid jogger. It is designed to enable runners with kids to run and explore, while retaining the efficiency and form of natural running. The composite frame and multi-patent, flexible “bow” connects to the runner and creates a smooth, safe ride for both runner and child.

The company has plans to follow with bike and Nordic ski options. KidRunner is now available for a limited number of pre-orders for delivery Spring 2018.


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