Law Firm SEO: 5 Tips to Get Your Business Ranked On Google


You have finally established your legal firm. Congratulations. Now you have a big task ahead. How do you get clients to steer your firm to greatness? That’s where many get it rough. In fact, most businesses don’t live to see their fifth birthday. But this shouldn’t scare you from starting your legal firm. It starts with attitude and boils down to the marketing strategies you employ. With the right marketing strategy, you are sure to double your fortunes and beat the stiff competition out there.

Start off your marketing campaign by going digital. With digital marketing strategies like SEO, you have a tool that can help you rank high on Google and get quality leads. Plus, SEO authenticates you on the market—a key step towards achieving your long term marketing goals.

On those lines, here is all you need to know concerning SEO and top 5 strategies you can use to get ranked high on Google. Keep reading!

What’s SEO?

SEO is a set of tools as well as strategies aimed at boosting your business’s ranking on Google. SEO help you generate more traffic, get more quality links, and boost your overall business revenue. Remember, with the introduction of Smartphones, people are constantly making their queries online. That makes SEO a big hit when it comes to targeting your clients. Thus, improving your online visibility, boosting your Google ranking, and authenticating your firm’s brand through employing effective SEO strategies is one of the best things you can do for your law business

How to Rank High

Ranking high on Google is not an easy undertaking. It takes time, dedication, resources, and strategies. With the right approach, you’ll find yourself on top of Google ranking—which will ultimately bring you more business. Want to beat the completion? Well, here are the top 5 strategies you should use and rank high on Google.

  •      Use targeted keywords
  •      Create quality videos
  •      Write seductive and informative content/ blog posts
  •      Share it on social media
  •      Implement On-Page SEO

Using Targeted Keywords

For your law firm to rank top in Google, you should pick specific keywords targeted at boosting your online presence. All your marketing efforts will revolve around those keywords. So, be sure to treat this step with the seriousness it deserves.

Using the Google Keyword Planner, for instance, can help you gain deep insights into your target audience as well as the information they’re searching for online.

Go to competitor websites. For example, if your competitors are dealing with criminal defenses, consider stealing their major keywords. Alternatively, you can conduct in-depth keyword research. Doing meticulous keyword research helps you discover common legal problems people are suffering from. With effective keyword research, you boost your chances of being ranked high on Google—a key step towards being found by more clients online. In a nutshell, keywords are vital. Conduct careful keyword research. Know what your competitors are doing. Consider going for long tail keywords. And beat the completion. You can hire a law firm SEO agency to do keyword research for your company.

Creating Quality Videos

Videos are extremely powerful when it comes to marketing your law firm, building authority, and educating your target audience. As compared to written text or plain images, videos convert much higher. All these eventually result in more conversions and increased cases for your law firm.

When it comes to content ranking, Google favors video. So, upload and post your videos appropriately to improve your chances of ranking higher and getting higher click-through rates.

Create captivating videos and upload them to YouTube. Ensure that you’re incorporating your targeted keywords into the video titles, descriptions, as well as tags. This will make your content rank higher in Google for the related search terms

Besides, you should consider including a link to your site in the YouTube video description. With video link building, you are abler to build authority—which will put you on top of Google ranking.

Write Seductive Blog Posts

Of course, blog posts are used to share case studies or tell stories to prospective clients. But they can be used to repurpose as well as share your video content. Thus, embed those videos into your posts—it’s a great way of boosting your videos’ rankings. Don’t just use default code from YouTube to embed your videos. Instead, consider using Schema Markup. By using Schema Markup, you are letting the thumbnail of your videos to appear in search results—a big plus when it comes to increasing the click-through rates. Use targeted keywords in your videos. It helps optimize them.

Social Media Sharing

The power of social media cannot be underestimated. With social media, you are announcing your business offering to the world. So, complement your digital marketing strategy by sharing it on social media. Share your content there. It increases your online visibility and creates a strong buzz as far as your law firm is concerned. Take your game to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram. Leverage on the power of Facebook features (i.e. online video marketing) to upload your firm’s video. Address common customer concerns in your videos. Then share them online. With social media, you have a platform to engage with your clients. Also, use Facebook Ads to let the word out.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO factors play an important role when it comes to your firm’s Google search ranking. Therefore, pay attention to the following on-page SEO factors:

  •      Keywords in your title tag – Your main keywords should be in your title tag. Remember, Google tends to give keywords in title tag more weight—especially when they are close to the start.
  •      SEO-optimized URLs – Don’t use average or ugly default based URLs. Be creative and use a shorter, keyword-rich based URL. With this strategy, you are likely to boost your site’s ranking.
  •      Go for <h1> tags—don’t forget to put an <h1> tag in your title. Remember, your title is your headline tag. Thus, wrap it around that post title of yours.

Other Tips

Other tips include using external links, getting a few internal links, and optimizing your images.

The Bottom-Line

It’s time to take your game to the next level. Don’t let the completion pin you down. Employ the best SEO strategies and become ranked high on Google. Use the above tips and propel your law firm business to great success heights.


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