Learn About the Life-Saving & Home-Saving Power of Residential Fire Sprinklers


(Photo courtesy of the Bend Fire Department)

On Saturday, May 19, the Bend Fire Department and the Deschutes Rural Fire Protection District are happy to present a tour of homes with residential fire sprinklers and a live fire demonstration of the sprinklers at work, in our sprinkler demonstration trailer. This event will take place from 11am-2pm at The Tree Farm, a new subdivision just off Skyliners Road, just past Miller Elementary School.

May 19 is National Home Fire Sprinkler Day, designed to raise awareness of the home fire problem in the US. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) notes that in 2016, there were 475,500 structure fires, leading to 2,950 civilian fire deaths and almost 13,000 injuries.

Given the flammability of modern furnishings and without sprinklers, people have literally 2-3 minutes to escape the house once a fire has been detected, according to the NFPA. Home fire sprinklers buy occupants enough time to exit the structure safely and give firefighters enough time to arrive and enter the burning structure to handle the fire. This kind of sprinkler is designed to get you out of the house, not to extinguish the flames.

Bend has experienced at least 8 sprinkler activations which saved buildings from destruction by fire. The Bend Fire event will dispel the myths surrounding fire sprinklers and will demonstrate their life-saving power. We hope to see you there to learn how to protect your family and home. You will not be disappointed!


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