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When growing cannabis in an indoor environment, there is arguably nothing more important than light – Do not get me wrong! I am not saying that you can ignore all the other elements. What I am saying is, light is possibly the most vital element that will affect the overall growth and health of the plant. That said, whether you are an experienced marijuana cultivator or a casual grower, you need to find the best lights for growing weed indoors.

As implied by the name, a grow light refers to a light that helps the cannabis grow in an indoor environment. It simulates the sun. There is a wide selection of grow lights and choosing one can be overwhelming. They differ in terms of longevity, design, spectrum, heat production, among many others. If you need help selecting the right product, read on and discover guide from BestPot online store which the best grow lights for weed are.

Cannabis Growing Lights Prehistory

When growing cannabis was illegal, the idea of bringing a powerful lamp indoors that will supplement the light of the sun to grow cannabis became manifest. This idea was a success and paved the way for a massive industry catering to indoor operations. This lighting technology is known as high-intensity discharge. Usually, these lights are available in two varieties, either metal or sodium halide. These lights are quite efficient, powerful, and generate a substantial amount of heat.

Mainly due to space constraints, some cannabis growers started experimenting with lower-powered and more efficient lights. More efficient lights ensure that less electricity goes towards heat, and more of it is converted into light. For instance, CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights) are cheap grow lights for weed, quite efficient, small and compact, and readily available in supermarkets and hardware stores.

Cannabis Light Schedules

Light scheduling is often overlooked. Some cannabis growers are unaware that with simple light schedule tricks, they can manipulate their plant’s behavior in their favor. A typical schedule is around a flat twelve hours to twelve hours for flowering, and eighteen hours on and six hours off during the vegetative period. But, did you know you can do so much more? If you employ the gas lantern routine during the vegetative period, you can save on electricity while maintaining high standards of performance. Also, leaving your cannabis in the dark for 24 hours before switching to flowering is proven to induce sexing in many strains.

During flowering, you can induce production if you gradually decrease the lights-on period. You can achieve this by turning your timer off ten minutes earlier each week before harvest. This simulates the natural shortening of days while saving on electricity. Cannabis growers highly recommend the 10-10 flowering schedule. It comes highly recommended because you can trick the cannabis plant into shorter cycles. By using this method, a typical 9-week strain can be ready in 7.5 weeks, so, do not shy from trying this method.

Savings during Growing Cannabis

Saving on electricity is environmentally conscientious. Investment in an automated exhaust system helps you save on heating. During winter, heat is conserved when exhaust fans blow slower. Mid-Summer, they can work vigorously to keep things under control. Many modern exhaust fans have pre-built heat sensors for this very purpose.

This can be cheaply done by manually using a quality variac transformer which will slow down your fan while prolonging its life. If you use propane or butane heaters to warm up your house, slowing down the fans will conserve heat and positively affect the CO2 level, which will considerably boost production. By using LEDs, you can adjust the lights closer to the canopy without burning the buds or leaves.  You will notice that you will be using less water and fewer nutrients while your cannabis flourishes.

Fluorescent Lights for Growing

Growing weed with fluorescent lights is highly beneficial. Fluorescent grow lights exist in different sizes and shapes, from long tubes to twisty bulbs. Fluorescents are popular among cannabis growers because they make pleasant and efficient lighting for humans and work effectively for herb gardens and indoor gardening without consuming a lot of electricity.

CFL Grow Lights

CFL grow lights are oblique looking bulbs. They produce an excellent spectrum for cultivating cannabis and are great for spaces where large grow lights cannot fit such as inside a cabinet.

T5 Grow Lights

T5 grow lights are easily available and are used to grow different types of plants. T5s are bigger and broader than CFLs and come as part of a panel.

Fluorescents are excellent for young plants, clones, supplementing lighting and can save you money on electricity. They work well when it comes to flowering plants in shorter spaces.

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) for Growing

HID lights are more efficient than fluorescent lights. They are powered by huge, oddly-shaped bulbs and are usually screwed into a hood or reflector to reflect more light onto the plants. HIDs are excellent for growing cannabis, but, because they are extremely hot, they are hooked up to an exhaust to prevent out heat.

Metal Halide (MH) Grow Lights

MH grow lights are perfect for the vegetative stage because they produce a bluish light that works well for vegetative plants.

High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) Grow Lights

HPS grow lights are optimal for the flowering stage because they are efficient and their yellow light stimulates bud production. They work well as marijuana grow lights. Compared to other types of grow lights, HPS lights get better yield per watt of electricity, which is why they are so popular.

Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH)

CMH use ceramics as part of the lamp, just like an HPS. CMH bulbs are more efficient than regular MH lights, however, not as efficient as HPS bulbs.

LED Lights for Growing

LED grow lights fall under the category of preferred light bulbs for growing weed. They run cooler and come with built-in cooling. They can easily be plugged into a wall and hung over plants which is relatively easier than setting up a weed tube. LEDs also have excellent penetration, meaning they do not need to be frequently moved like fluorescents.

Final Arguments

The best grow lights are essential for marijuana cultivated in an indoor environment. However, not all of the lights can produce the desired results. For instance, you need to choose a grow light based on the current stage of the growth of the plant. To avoid having regrets when it comes to grow light choosing, limit your choices to the products that have been discussed in this post.


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