Local Businesses Can Kick Off the New Year with the Bend JOY Project


How can we generate more positivity, cultivate a stronger feeling of connection and fuel a community of happier citizens?

There is a cultural groundswell to embrace wholesome messaging, good news, positive stories, inspirational content and empowering action. The desire to simplify and focus on what’s most important is captivating a weary and distracted generation. People are craving community oriented positivity and the Bend JOY Project launched by the Old Mill District embraces this higher ideal of discourse.

The goal is to engage the entire community with a graphic campaign that utilizes inspirational words, messaging, traits and actions to inspire each of us to play a role in our community culture, happiness, well-being and quality of life.

Pay It Forward
“We encourage participating partners, staff and community members to engage in random acts of kindness,” offers Noelle Fredland of the Old Mill District. “Buy a stranger a cup of coffee, etc. Some businesses may choose spontaneous giveaways or other expressions supporting whatever feels like the appropriate manifestation.”

Joy Ambassadors
Volunteers are a designated part of the (#BendJoyProject) and help to engage their community, capture joy online and deliver collateral pieces to the community.

Examples: handing out share cards, single stem flowers, assortment of items and small certificates. This is a great way to reinforce the Bend JOY Project in a more personal way.

Curated Giving
Work with community partners for curated giving. Examples: gently worn coats, non-perishable food and pet supplies (working with local non-profits). People feel better when they help others.

The Bend JOY Project is growing with each conversation and we are thrilled to work with such an amazing community. “Together we can deliver more kindness and joy to inspire our children and the culture we want to create in our community. Please contact me with any questions,” says Fredland. noelle@theoldmill.com, 541-312-0131.


Joy is not a season. It is a way of living.
-Kalley Heiligenthal


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