Looking forward to retirement


You’ve worked your whole adult life, and now the retirement that you so greatly deserve is just around the corner. As the last few years have rolled by, the anticipation for ending work has likely grown more intense, but how ready are you for this change now that it’s imminent?

Many advisors will stress the financial planning to complete before taking retirement, and while this is of course very important, there are some other factors to consider also. Worry not, these are enjoyable thoughts to work through and will leave you entirely ready to enter your retirement with a smile.

Are there any luxuries you’ve always wanted? Now is the time to treat yourself!

While you’re still earning a solid wage, you should think about any last minute big-ticket purchases you’d like to make. Sure, you can treat yourself when you’re retired, but it’s possible you’ll find down payments, loans or mortgages a little harder to manage once your professional income has ceased.

Maybe you’ve always seen yourself in a new car, perhaps a sports car to zip around in or an RV for road tripping, or there are refurbishments you’d like to do on your property. Even better, maybe you’re looking to buy Costa Rica real estate for a vacation home. Whatever it is, now is the time to make that dream come true.

Can you declutter your life, to earn extra funds and greater freedom?

Once you stop work, it’s highly likely you’ll be spending more time around the house, socializing or partaking in a new hobby.

As such, you can prepare yourself for this time by clearing out belongings that you’ve not used for years, which will give you more space for living while earning a little extra cash. Consider hosting a yard sale, or selling items via the Internet.

How will you spend your time?

The excitement of suddenly having an abundance of free time may quickly ebb out if you don’t have ways to fill this time, especially if you’ve been living an active lifestyle with a challenging and fulfilling career.

Perhaps you’re considering volunteering, or taking up a new pastime, or getting stuck into an interest that has, for years, played second fiddle to your job. Having ideas in mind, and networks already in place, for how you can utilize your newfound time will ensure a smooth transition from work to retirement.

What will be your new purpose?

While it’s important to know how you’ll spend your time, you should consider where you’ll find purpose in your new life-stage. It may be that you’re hoping to spend more time with family, babysitting grandkids or reconnecting with distant relatives. Possibly you’d like to use your knowledge to help others, or you’ve got grand plans for nurturing your previously abandoned backyard back to life. The purpose will be crucial in enjoying your retirement. Without purpose, you may find that life feels a little empty.

Looking forward

Retirement is a great gift; there’s little doubt you’re looking forward to it eagerly. Dedicate some of this energy into planning your time and preparing yourself for the change, and you can stride into this new period of your life with utmost anticipation.


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