How To Make Networking Less Painful For You


Not everyone loves to feel exposed and out of their element. While some people thrive on it, others can’t stand it. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up and hide in a cave. You have to be open to at least giving networking a try and using different tactics that are going to make it easier on you.

Start by not calling it networking and think of it is an opportunity to meet new people. Most events are pretty relaxed and allow you to grab a drink and food. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself and start enjoying the chance to get dressed up and have a nice evening. See how to make networking less painful for you.

Always be putting yourself out there

Practice makes perfect, so continue to attend and show up at various events. Don’t go once and decide it’s not for you. It takes time and consistency before you will feel more comfortable going. Try attending all sorts of networking opportunities like lunches, dinners and speaking engagements. You’ll start to see they’re not all the same and each meeting is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Come ready with Topics to Discuss

Be prepared to talk about all sorts of different subject matters. You never know who you’re going to run into or strike up a conversation with. Don’t be afraid to share about your interests and what you do for fun. For example, you won’t know that someone you’re talking to is also interested in playing Unibet live casino unless you bring it up. Go into details about why you like it and that you prefer having a live dealer because it truly magnifies the experience, making the live casino experience a more personal one. Finding a common interest with someone is helpful.

Have an Elevator Speech Prepared

Do yourself a favor and come prepared with an elevator speech about who you are and what you do. It’s a short and simple way to introduce yourself and let the other person understand more about you. Memorizing this will make you less nervous approaching people or speaking when you’re in a large group. Use it time and time again no matter where you are or who you’re with.

Bring A Wing-Person

There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to go to these events alone. It’s nerve-wracking and understandable you’d want someone you know there. While it’s nice to have someone by your side, make sure you break apart and do some of your own networking too. Knowing there’s a person who you trust in the room will be reassurance enough that you’re going to be okay. This will also come in handy if the event is lame or boring, so you have someone to talk to and enjoy your time with.


This should give you hope that you don’t have to suffer through another networking event. Believe in yourself and have confidence you can do well at these. This is how to make networking less painful for you.


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