Mark Reinecke of Bend, Oregon Surfed to Victory in the First-Ever GolfBoard-Only Golf Tournament at Tetherow Resort Alongside Big Wave Surfer, Laird Hamilton


(Photo above: (L-R) Jeff Dowell, President of GolfBoards, Mark Reinecke, Winner of the GolfBoard Tournament, Chris van der Velde, Tetherow Managing Partner Photo | courtesy of Tetherow Resort)

Bend, Oregon resident, Mark Reinecke, won the first ever GolfBoard-only tournament at Tetherow Resort in Bend this past weekend. The proud tournament winner dominated the lead with a score of 41 points and was awarded his very own GolfBoard.

The event drew over sixty players from throughout the country including big wave surfer and GolfBoard co-founder Laird Hamilton. The tournament featured Tetherow’s impressive fleet of GolfBoards. Hamilton participated in the tournament along with Don Wildman, and other GolfBoard co-founders, and demonstrated tricks and tips for navigating the links on the board.

Traversing from shot to shot across the golf course took on a whole new dimension of fun, action, and excitement for participants “surfing the earth” on the GolfBoards. The thrill of riding waves and berms is not just reserved for surfers and snowboarders anymore. Tetherow was the first golf course in the country to permanently incorporate a full fleet of GolfBoards as an alternative to using golf carts. Most players are ecstatic about the added adrenalin rush, and how it makes the game faster and adventurous.

“The turnout at the first GolfBoard-only tournament was impressive to say the least!” said Chis van der Velde, managing partner at Tetherow. “Having Laird Hamilton, co-founder of GolfBoards, participate was an extra bonus and added to the thrill of ‘surfing the earth.’ It was an action-packed, fun weekend for everyone who participated and attended the tournament.”


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