Member Alert on City Zoning Policy Decision


Your opportunity to submit letters on matching Bend’s zoning map to the Comprehensive Plan map to be in alignment with the new Urban Growth Boundary (UGB).

This Wednesday, February 7, at a 5pm Work Session of the Bend City Council, a discussion will be held on the proposal to match Bend’s zoning map to the Comprehensive Plan map.

During this work session, Bend City Council will hear a presentation from staff on a proposal to overlay the City’s zoning map to its Comprehensive Plan map, allowing the zoning to match the decisions within the recently approved UGB. It is critical for the business community to weigh-in on this proposal.
By aligning the zone map with the Comprehensive Plan, it will allow intended types of development to occur that were part of the robust UGB discussion.


Bend Chamber Advocacy Council is asking that you write a letter in support of this proposal and send an email to before the February 7 work session.

To see the full agenda of the City Council Work Session and regular Business Meeting click HERE. Click here for the Plan/Zone Alignment Project.

Implications if the Maps are Not Aligned –

If the maps do not match and a business owner, developer or property owner wants to develop or expand, most likely a zone change application would be required with the City.

Zone change applications often result in delaying the project, increasing the cost and possibly result in a costly appeal.

Application fees alone can be $6000 or higher, with potential additional cost of consultants and lawyers.

While normally having public comment on projects can invite healthy debate, in this case, the appeal process will be redundant, as the zoning decisions have already been made during the UGB process. The property ultimately must be developed consistent with the Comprehensive Plan except in a few rare circumstances.

The City has a housing crisis which affects business’ ability to attract workers. Adding cost and delay to a housing project is a no win situation.

Benefits of Matching Maps –

With the maps matching, the property owner would avoid the time, effort and cost of a zone change because the zone is already lined up with the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

Matching the correct zones to the Comprehensive Plan update will honor the robust public process that was included in the UGB expansion.

The Comprehensive Plan is acknowledged by the State of Oregon, and this update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan was part of the UGB approval.


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