Microgaming starts 2017 with new games


No doubt, Microgaming is a leading casino software provider which powers most games played on the internet today. And because the company has achieved a great milestone since it was founded back in the 90s, they are determined to keep everything on top of the game. Creating exciting video slots is what they do best, and fans have always loved their games. When they created Titans of the Sun, players marveled. When they came up with Jurassic Park, players had a totally blasting experience. And in a bid to maintain this momentum, Microgaming has always remained committed to providing online casinos with new slot machines that are both exhilarating and profitable to play.

This January, the casino software developer is bringing something new to kick-start the year in style. They are actually introducing two brand new 5-reel slot machines for your entertainment. The slot machines in question are known as the Life of Riches and the Chinese-themed Huangdi or the Yellow Empire.

Microgaming takes a new twist at Chinese-themed slot machines

Most Chinese-themed slot machines contain the same symbols which are typically common in the Eastern part of the world. But Microgaming is now putting in some creativity to tell the same story from a different perspective. This new game called Huangdi is all about an ancient Chinese Emperor who is also known as the founding father of the nation. He brought civilization to the Chinese people, and for this reason, he is a revered legend. What’s more, he introduced different styles of martial arts, most of which are in use today.

Generally speaking, this new Microgaming slot machine is centered on this theme, and it allows casino players to take up to 30 free spins. The potential of winning big is very real in this game, thanks to the stacked symbols. The powerful dragon symbol is the 100X multiplier in this game. Since this is a 5 reels and 25 paylines slot machine, you can be sure to feast your eyes on the game since it comes with premium quality graphics. All slots Online Casino has it already.

The extravagant lifestyle of riches this January

Life of Riches is a completely different theme. And as the name suggests, this is a theme that is centered on living an extravagant lifestyle, although adventure into an exotic land is also involved. Basically, this new Microgaming slot machine will involve preparing your holiday gear and jumping into a sports car to enjoy your money elsewhere. As you travel, there is also the option of pulling over at a casino so you can enjoy some play time to test your luck.

This video slot machine has wild and stack symbols. On top of that, it gives free spins which can greatly multiple your stake on every spin.


These games sound interesting to play. For this reason, any online casino will not hesitate to stock them for their players since they come with features that every casino player will find irresistible. You basically have to test these games to see what we mean. If you have given any Microgaming slot machine a test, then you should know that things just got better this January.


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