How to minimize risk when trying out new online games?


The online gaming industry is the hottest industry of internet era in terms of technology and of course, everybody knows revenues hitting billions every year! Online games are particularly thrilling as they can turn your living room into a Las Vegas Casino at the tip of your fingers. It is no surprise that gaming companies come up with numerous new online games to attract both new and experienced patrons. One of the obvious benefits that one can grab is promotions offered by such online games, for instance, free spins, for instance, free spins, no deposit bonus offers etc.We all know many travelers who hit the gambling hotspots to seek some fun or a jackpot, possibly run into gambling risks and the digital universe is no different.

This doesn’t mean you should not try new online games offering free play or demo mode. All you need to do is a select a suitable game and play with minimal risk. Here we share some tips on how to minimize risk by increasing the chances of winning in a new online game.

  1. Choose Games with Reasonable RTP/Payback Percentage

Every casino expects a house edge so players not knowing how to play would get payback percentage ranging from 60%-80%. Bing/Google or use any search engine to determine RTP(Return to Player)percentage and determine if it ranges from 92%-97%.Remember RTP is the percentage of the total money wagered that the casino pays back to its player and doesn’t imply the amount of money you’ll get back.

  1. Look For No deposit Bonus Offers
    Casinos offering no deposit bonuses are quite common across the internet these days. If you are new to gambling then this is your risk free chance to test the waters .All you do is sign up for an account, play through sites actual casino games as per the wagering requirement and  then cash out! You can check for no deposit bonus on .No deposit bonuses are real win-win for both players and casinos as, it enables casinos to attract new customers and players can begin their journey towards committed gambling without losing a dime from their pockets.
  1. Go for Small Stakes Wagers and Understand Game Rules

The misconception that player win more money with higher stakes wagers is far from reality. The fact is on average they lose money faster with higher stakes wagers. The reason is casinos limit the bet size is they need to cover any extraordinary player wins as well as keep players engaged so they return often. Avoid increasing wagers above the minimum requirement for the maximum payout as casino games pay the same odds regardless of how much you wager unless the game rules explicitly state it.

  1. Look for Reviews on Various Forums

Nature of online gambling is such that anonymity and lack of online casino regulations could work in favor of scammers, wise punter only gambles at reputable online casinos. To protect from the risk of getting conned spend some time finding reputable and established forums, blogs, etc with plenty of testimonials and real-life reviews about new online games.

  1. Opt for Fixed Buy-in Tournaments

Planning a gambling budget by the calendar is feasible if you decide to play only tournaments. Wise choice to manage money is paying flat fees to involve in the slot, poker or blackjack tournament. If the tournament requires punters to gamble their own money, they should avoid such tournaments.

  1. Ignore Progressive Jackpot Table Games

We all know money for jackpot comes from players alone. Players eligible for a progressive jackpot without betting extra money can go ahead and enjoy it. However keep in mind betting on progressive jackpots makes you lose money, so better ignore the progressive option on table games instead of play slot games not offering progressives. But if you still are willing to take the risk its advisable to only gamble using “won” money and keeping aside the beginning stake when you playing progressive games.

  1. Place Odd Bets

House has no edge on Odds bets so go ahead and place bets on the Odds when available. This will reduce house advantage on the Pass and Don’t Pass bets.

  1. Use Just the Bonus Money to Gamble

Many licensed and regulated online casinos offer a few dollars for free, either “no deposit” bonus or deposit some money for a matching bonus. Any which ways, punters have to meet a playthrough requirement. Playing conservatively with the minimum bets, the life expectancy of welcome bonuses can be extended. Patiently fulfill the gambling requirement with smaller wagers and chances are high that you save welcome bonus money and create better chances of winning some money.

  1. Dig Deep Instead of Obvious Options

Although casinos maintain legal and reliable reputation due to legislation, they would still want players’ money and some things might not be easy to find. Look for games hidden on the second or the third page of the casino rather than selecting the one that is most obvious. Spend time digging deeper and look for ones that are not broadly promoted.

  1. Gamble Responsibly and Only for Fun

Safe gambling implies the ability of a player to understand when they need to stop. Online games can be addictive and alter behavioral patterns. When you spend money on movie tickets it’s for fun no matter it is blockbuster or flop. Similarly consider not overindulging into online games in expectation to make money, irrespective of winning or losing it’s just for entertainment!



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