Mockingbird Legacy. Lessons from A Bygone Time


My great-grandpa “Doc” Stanwell, was a friend of the great Atticus Finch, and he shared his Southern wisdom. His stories taught me valuable lessons that can be applied to your business. Join me now as I share lessons from the bygone days of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Folks in Maycomb County trusted Doc deeply. During the Great Depression, he often accepted collared greens and such from those who couldn’t pay for his medical services. But after the War, money was easier to come by, and he decided it was time to find someone to run the front office.

His son Nash, my grandfather, studying business at Alabama U, convinced Doc against his better judgment to put out an ad in the Tuscaloosa News and accept resumes through the mail. “It’s a more scientific way to hire people,” Nash told him. Doc hardly had time to write up an ad and look through a bunch of resumes, but he wanted to make Nash feel important.

Turned out a gal named Ellie May was just graduating with impressive qualifications, so Doc offered her the job. She showed up all sash and flourish, and it seemed like she was the ideal person for the job…that was until the Dean of Alabama U, an old friend, called to tell Doc that Ellie May wasn’t a graduate after all; she’d been suspended in her junior year for cheating and had a record down at the Tuscaloosa sheriff’s office for shoplifting. Needless to say, Doc let her go, and decided he’d better meet future applicants in person and check their references.

Nash learned a pretty hard lesson, but you don’t have to! As a professional staffing company, Mid Oregon Personnel specializes in finding the best person for the job, allowing you to focus on what you do best. We meet with you to learn what kind of person you want in your organization, considering attitude, aptitude, and ability. We don’t have a shoe that you have to fit into. Whether you are an employer or someone seeking employment, we work hard to find the best fit for you. We are very good at spotting the “Ellie Mays” out there!
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