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Bend Financial Planning Expert David Rosell Launches Keep Climbing

Veteran world traveler and financial planning expert David Rosell of Bend has struck a chord with a newer generation seeking to navigate uniquely challenging terrain on the path to fiscal freedom with the launch of his new book Keep Climbing – A Millennial’s Guide to Financial Planning.
The tone of the book speaks directly to a “Gen Y” population who may be deterred by the more traditional stuffy manuals on the subject, with each chapter meshing compelling real-life tales of adventure travel with practical financial advice.
A follow-up to his first hit publication, Failure is Not an Option – Creating Certainty in the Uncertainty of Retirement issued in 2013, the latest tome was in part inspired as a response to earlier feedback from readers closer to retirement age.
Rosell, who is president of Rosell Wealth Management and well-known to CBN readers for his regular column featuring market insights and positive mantras on human potential, said, “People who enjoyed my first book kept saying their children or grandchildren needed a book like that; to be fun and informative.
“The original focus was on paralleling my love of mountain climbing with an individual’s financial journey. Ascending is equated to accumulating wealth, while descending is likened to what we do during the distribution period or retirement years. Each phase has their own unique risks.
“When climbing a mountain it is imperative to understand that eighty percent of the deaths and accidents happen on the descent. It is also the second half of the financial journey that takes on the most amount of risk and needs the most amount of planning, as retirees will often need their nest egg to last three to four decades.”

Rosell continued, “You must make it to the summit before you can descend. When it comes to our financial lives, this means creating a well-funded retirement. Just like mountaineering, unless we adequately plan and prepare for retirement, we will not reach the top.”

In a similar spirit, but this time looking to jump-start millennials’ monetary lives, the avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast lays out 11 chapters in Keep Climbing, each integrating financial lessons with his experiences documented in journals kept during varied globetrotting exploits — including from his younger years when six months of working his seasonal business were followed by an equal period of far-flung travel, often in Third World countries.

Rosell said, “If you gave a millennial a so called ‘classic’ financial book they may not be engaged or have their imagination fired, so from the first chapter I wanted the reader to be hooked without knowing they may be getting a financial lesson — and then delve straight into some applicable advice. I even made the
illustrations fun.

Keep Climbing starts off with likening the trepidation felt when attempting an arduous Himalayan mountain ascent to the overwhelming feeling younger people or graduates may have when contemplating the financial journey that lies ahead.

“But as I say in the book, like any goal worth achieving, it’s all about having the end destination in mind and starting with incremental steps.”

In one chapter, a harrowing tale of how Rosell risked his life on treacherous cliff-side roads in Bolivia to save $60 leads into a description of the six major risks of retirement, while in another — a story of being stuck in deep mud on an African safari and the ingenuity needed to extricate from the situation — segues into an analysis of the right tools needed to achieve investment goals.

Concluding thoughts include cultivating an “attitude of gratitude,” which his two children certainly did regarding the relative comforts of their home-town of Bend, compared to the sparse conditions experienced while visiting Cuba several
years ago.

Rosell said following the success of his first book, which won national acclaim, he received multiple requests for speaking engagements and now is regularly in demand across the country, including addressing CEO groups.

He added, “Every generation has trials and adversities to conquer. However, millennials today face a uniquely challenging environment.

“This unique guidebook reveals the foundation that’s key to your long-term financial success while discovering the joy and experiences the world and all that life has to offer.

“I would call this a Pixar type book – just like those movies it may be written for a younger audience, and yet the parents will get just as much out of it. It is applicable to everyone.

“One of the major takeaways is to keep climbing when the going gets tough!”

Advanced copies of Keep Climbing, which Rosell wrote over a two-year period, have already been well received, including plaudits from investment icon Charles R. Schwab, Jr. who stated, “Everyone seeking financial freedom should read David Rosell’s book Keep Climbing. Portland Timbers’ two-time MLS soccer champion Nat Borchers, commented, “A team like ours wins the Major League Soccer Championship because of great coaching and focused preparation. David Rosell provides the education and motivation needed to take you to your
financial finals.”

An official book launch celebration for Keep Climbing is being held June 7 at a Bend Chamber of Commerce-hosted open house at Oregon Spirit Distiller’s Barrel Thief Lounge, at 740 NE First Street in Bend, from 5-7pm.

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